George Michael to Write a Revealing Book About His Arrests and Drug Use

June 29, 2007 08:59:21 GMT

Troubled singer George Michael is reportedly going to be writing a revealing book about his arrests and drug use.

George Michael
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Photo credit: Solarpix/PR Photos

He does afraid of having an HIV test, but not with writing a tell-all book. George Michael reportedly is planning to write a revealing book about his arrests and drug use. Smart move.

Among the details the troubled singer about to write on his biography are his arrest for engaging in a lewd act in a Beverly Hills public toilet back in 1998 and his being found "slumped and drooling" at the wheel of his car at a set of London traffic lights October last year.

George will, moreover, talk about his sexual orientation and drug consumption. The revealing book, to be written by music journalist Rob Jovanovich, is expected to be released October later this year.

"It's expected to sell really well. George has millions of fans," a source was quoted as saying.


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