Punk-Pop Sensation Avril Lavigne Launched Stardoll's First "Real Celebrity" Page

June 21, 2007 07:36:46 GMT

Avril Lavigne is teaming up with Stardoll, launched the site's first "Real Celebrity" page.

Avril Lavigne
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Is in talks to play the lead role in a thriller being produced by Sony BMG, Avril Lavigne surely gets even busier with her another new project with Stardoll, the world's largest online entertainment destination for girls aged 10-17 focused on fun, fashion and friends.

The punk-pop sensation is teaming up with Stardoll to launch the site's first "Real Celebrity" page. Avril's management company, Nettwerk Management, of the pioneering Canadian firm Nettwerk Music Group, and Stardoll confirmed their partnership Wednesday June 20th.

With the launching of the "Real Celebrity" page, Stardoll's visitors are now able to find Avril's music on the site, including a playlist of streaming songs and video from her just-released album "The Best Damn Thing."

Fans, furthermore, can listen to her music privately or can hold Avril "Listening Parties," which enable them to gather together in a virtual room to chat and enjoy her newest tunes. That's not all for fans can also visit the Avril page, where they'll be greeted by a recording of her voice welcoming them to the site; and, if they log in at the right time, they could have the opportunity to participate in a live online chat with the star.

Greater than all, fans can also access an up-to-date concert tour schedule, promotional photos and a digital storefront where Stardoll members can purchase actual CDs and DVDs and a variety of virtual merchandise.

Some of the merchandise, which among others include Avril Lavigne-branded posters; hoodies; T-shirts; pins; tank tops, caps and bags, are designed by Avril herself. Win the chance to attend an upcoming concert and meet her in person. Visit the "Real Celebrity" page for more information.


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posted by lene on Apr 10, 2010
Avril im ur biggest fan your awsm!
posted by superial on Oct 24, 2009
im sorry im anoying at first
posted by superial on Oct 24, 2009
avril visit my page on stardoll my names superial plzplzplzpzlzpzlzpzlzpzl
posted by supeial on Oct 24, 2009
can avril see this?
posted by superial on Oct 24, 2009
and i mean im her biggets bigest fan !!!!!!!!!
posted by superial on Oct 24, 2009
helloo im avrils biggest fn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ceara on Jul 14, 2007
u rock

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