Hot Hot Heat to Launch "Happiness Ltd."

May 10, 2007 10:28:31 GMT

Four-piece Canadian band Hot Hot Heat will release its fifth studio album in September and have it the "non-Hot Hot Heat way".

Canadian band Hot Hot Heat will have its second album under Sire Records. Titled "Happiness Ltd.", the fifth studio album features a different sound from the outfit.

"It covers the journey from bliss to misery and the attempt to get back to bliss, while acknowledging how exciting the ride can be in between," vocalist Steve Bays said.

For a start, the band had the song "Outta Heart" which Bays calls "the most non-Hot Hot Heat song we've ever done". They also have the self-explanatory song "Harmonicas & Tambourines," which will have four different kinds of drums played together.

However, not all of the songs are new. The track "5 Times Out of 100" had previouosly appeared in the band's 2002 album "Knock Knock Knock".

"Happiness Ltd." will be out September 11 and is the follow up to 2005's "Elevator" that moved 204,000 copies in US alone. Materials from the new album will be debuted in a number of shows across US that start May 10 in Oklahoma City and end May 20 in Seattle.

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