Nelly's Controversial "Pimpjuice" Sports Drink Rolled Out in Africa

Nelly has inked a deal to distribute his Pimp Juice energy throughout the continent of Africa.

Nelly is expanding his territory. The rapper has just inked a deal with a South African holding company, Mojalife, that will see his controversial "Pimpjuice" sports drink rolled out in Africa.

Peter Friedman, Mojalife's creative director, said in an interview on Wednesday May 9th, the company would be teaming up with three of Nelly's companies to distribute Vokal, Apple Bottom Jeans and the Pimp Juice brand.

"We have already pre-produced 1.5 million cans for South Africa and we are looking at producing between 1 and 1.5 million units locally every month," Peter Friedman revealed. "Another 3 million units will be going out into our international export market in Australia, Nigeria and New Zealand."

"Pimpjuice" is a non-carbonated sports drink which first launched in the United States in 2003 amid widespread complaints over the offensive connotations of the term "pimp," a colloquial reference to a person who finds customers for prostitutes.

In fact, according to Mojalife chairman Mathews Phosa, a prominent member of South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC), the term stands for "positive, intellectually motivated persons." "Pimpjuice" will be available in South African shops from May 18th and will pave the way for the launch of Nelly's Vokal and Applebottom clothing labels later in the year.




    May 13, 2007

    Nelly is just one more KKK frontman!! It seems the ONLY time Black businessmen of today can get anything of any significant business venture to be prosperous is the destroy their own people. I'm ashamed of Nelly promoting a label that promotes pimping (sexual irresponsibility) to people who are already in bad condition. Having the phrase "pimp Juice" all over Africa, is an evil trick so they can have more recreational sex, so to further spread HIV/AIDS to our own people for the sake of making a few ignorant self-hating Negroes rich to which these same Whites that are smiling in their faces know exactly how to get their money back, which is usually via marrying a non-Black person, which too, keeps the status quo of Black inferiority alive and well. I'm ashamed of Nelly and those who can't see that what Nelly and the like are doing is simply getting paid to destroy people that look like their own Mommas, sisters and daughters. We must do a better job of raising our sons because no other group has been dupped more than the Black man. We are now required to teach them to love themselves, because soon these sell-outs won't have anyone there to pick them up when the walls of White supremacy come down on them like it did Michael Jackson. Pearl Jr.

    May 11, 2007

    How do these companies identify these markets? Do the companies outside the US contact them?

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