"Spider-Man 4" Scoop

May 04, 2007 06:11:45 GMT

Cinema Blend has learned from its inside sources about the future of "Spider-Man 4" as well as the possibility of a new cast lineup for the project.

Spider-Man 4 picture

As "Spider-Man 3" is gracing theaters all around the world this week, now the buzz and hype are surely shifting to its sequel, "Spider-Man 4", which has already been confirmed to be made at Columbia Pictures for sure.

Well aware of this, Cinema Blend has obtained from its inside sources some surprising tidbits regarding the project, particularly about its prospect to get developed and the possibility of it to have a totally new cast lineup.

What comes as quite a shocking info is that the future of this fourth installment of the web-slinging superhero franchise appears to depend on how much profit "Spider-Man 3" can bring to Columbia in its run. Words said that there are demands from director Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst for much larger paychecks to return for the fourth part while Sony is only willing to give way if the flick commercially turns out as expected.

However, if deals are failed to be reached among them, Sony reportedly will keep moving on with a new lineup of cast instead. Concerning this, Cinema Blend's insiders mentioned that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jake Gyllenhaal might up for replacing Maguire as the wall-crawler while names like Mandy Moore, Alexis Bledel, and Camilla Belle could as well be the frontrunners to take over the role of Mary Jane from Dunst's hands.

Though stated the information its sources gave can be trusted, the site is careful to stress that this all is just rumor until an official confirmation is made and thereby, should not be taken as a fact. So, just stay tuned for updates and more news about the picture then.


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posted by hotblonde on May 12, 2010
the cast isn't retarded "gambit the gamble", you are! you should've watched if you thought they're not good after looking at how much profit the movies have brought in to the producers. Besides, whatever they do in the movie, they're just following the storyline and the directions given to them by the writers. So why tell them they're retarded if they're just following instructions? They are good actors and they know how to play their part well you son of a b*tch! I bet you can't even act. You effin a**hole!
posted by gambit the gamble on Dec 28, 2009
change tobey n kirsten they retarded lot better actor out there (even peter aunt better act better than tobey) n FOR GOD SAKE make better script i dont want see CRY BABY and IDIOT(who always cry when lost his girl) peter parker GIVE us normal mentally peter parker
posted by tha bustard on Dec 28, 2009
change the WHOOLE cast .spiderman 3 prove to us its totally garbage ,change the cast and reboot ,toby already destroy spidey name, follow the serious cast n story like batman begin so it not put spidy name to shame
posted by lilpixiegrl08060 on Oct 25, 2009
KEEP TOBY AND ALL THE CAST!!!!!!!! BEST SPIDERMAN!! Dont Change a thing. If you take toby and the cast out it wont be the same it will change the whole movie.
posted by spidey vs venom on Jul 18, 2009
and news splash most of the sinister six is dead already so no they will not be in spidey 4
posted by spidey vs venom on Jul 18, 2009
lizard sucks i mean really lizard is a baby villan grow up the chances of them using lizard in 4 is like the chances of a snowstorm in the sahhara dessert
posted by spidey vs venom on Jul 14, 2009
in SM4 peter should find out his real parents are still alive and max gargan had a thing 4 peters mom in high school but she never liked him back so as a grown up max joined the army and they made the scorpion suit when he tested it something went wrong that made him evil so after finding out there still alive he kidnaps peters parents and of course spidey has to save them and some how they find out hes theyre son now theres what i call a movie
posted by spidey vs venom on Jul 14, 2009
venom is dead i dont know y everyone says hes coming back carnage has a better chance of showing up than venom
posted by spidey vs venom on Jul 14, 2009
and another thing i dont think they established gwen stacys character enough so if they make a 4 they should put her in 2
posted by spidey vs venom on Jul 14, 2009
please keep the same cast im a huge fan of the movies and it just wont be the same if different people came in
posted by kok on Jun 15, 2009
I think they shouid keep the same cast cause Toby Maguire was the best for spiderman. I think they shouid just keep venom in and carnage and Misterio. I think it wou'd be really cool for a cross - over of Transformers and spiderman. That would be SWEET
posted by Blondecitygirl@mocos on Jan 26, 2009
I like the spiderman movies and i dont want 2 see other cast cuz its goin 2 be batman wit different cast. if you change the cast its goin 2 look retarted. It wont be like 2 same i was excited 2 hear more is coming but i got very unexcited 2 hear you change the cast 2 other people. I want the same cast please
posted by CARNAGE on Dec 22, 2008
I cannot find any thing about Spiderman 4 on the net'. It sucks. when is this movie coming out???
posted by Dude wheres my car? on Sep 22, 2008
Yes i am so italian that this is COOL.''fdf;dfd
posted by 7448T8T8RD45D4R94Y on Sep 22, 2008
posted by Donny on Aug 18, 2008
KEEP THIS CAST! i swear if i hear someone is playing someone else in the 4th installment, then i'm not gonna pay to see the movie at all! tobey, kristen, and sam i know it's been a hell of a ride but dammit plz at least give us one last comeback, after that do whatever u want! i just don't wanna see spiderman get a different cast!
posted by yep on Aug 04, 2008
i believe they should keep the cast they had. but if they are expecting more pay. then they are really greedy, they are rich already why do they need more money...
posted by CARNAGE on Jul 07, 2008
Plz dont get new and different cast to play in the movie cuz it just wont be the same and the image of the movie wouldnt be the same and i watch all spiderman movies 24/7 and im a big spiderman fan so if you send out new cast i will be very dissapointed so plz keep the same cast members for me and all of the other ppl
posted by CARNAGE on Jul 07, 2008
plus if you send out new cast all of the spiderman movies ratings will go DOWN to zero because mostly and hardly anyone will not want to watch any more spiderman sequels unless you keep the same cast and think about all the fans being dissapointed that u sent out new cast so PLZZZZZZ KEEP THE SAME CAST
posted by VENOM on Jun 16, 2008
posted by sarah the angel on May 08, 2007
please dont get a new cast out I love you guys it wouldnt be the same at all you guys attract millions of people and i think you should kepp this cast i beg you i watch your movies like every night i dont want you cast members to leave us plz do it for me

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