The Pussycat Dolls Crowns Asia as New Doll

April 26, 2007 03:10:17 GMT

The Pussycat Dolls is now seven with the newly added member Asia Nitollano who won the contest.

Asia Nitollano follows the footstep of her father in music industry. The 18 years old just won Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll after beating fellow contenders Melissa Reyes and Chelsea Korka. She is now the seventh member of the troupe.

Although Asia has been hammered for her vocal quality and received the lowest vote of who should win the contest, the judges agreed that she is the best performer. In the final she was required to deliver her solo performance that she admitted that as 'scary'. Yet, she was confident throughout and let her daughter and family became her backup strength.

Upon crowned the winner, the talented dancer took the stage performing with The Pussycat Dolls for the first time. "It felt great. You know that's what I came there to do. I couldn't wait to get on the stage with those girls and I'm happy I had the opportunity just to be next to these talented, beautiful women. And it was an honor," she said in an interview.


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posted by Sexy baby on Jul 09, 2010
I agree asia is so ugly .... What were the judges thinking ????? Melissa reyes should of won she is really prettty ...... And wasent that dark and kind of look as nice as nicole ..... I hope they never put her in any videos with the pussycat dolls .... ASIA IS NOT PRETTY AND DIDNT DESERVE TO WIN !!!!!!
posted by Sexy cat on Jul 09, 2010
I agree asia i so ugly .... What were the judges thinking ????? Melissa reyes should of won she is reallyprettty ...... And wasent that dark and king of look as nice as nicole ..... Iope they never put her in any videos with the pussycat dolls .... ASIA IS NOT PRETTY AND DIDNT DESERVE TO WIN !!!!!!
posted by titch on Apr 13, 2009
Where did Asia go? seriously, did she decide to leave, did they kick her out? and if they did, why?
posted by Pussycat dolls admin on Mar 22, 2009
Hey guys Asia is the best doll at the end of the day she was the one who put the hardwork in and boy did it pay off. The other girls just probley got big headed and thought they were just each others rivals .but when we pulled Asia out of the bag it shocked the system and hey that makes good TV and it put the views up by thousands and got the show extra cash which got all of us paid and the show basically paid for its self !! So i can tell none of you real people..BYEEE
posted by x pussycat dolls fne on Jan 25, 2009
choosin asi was wrong shes too ugly!!
posted by il pussicat dolls on Jan 20, 2009
i love the pussicat dols they are very beauthifull!!ok i don't undestand english i'm from italy xd
posted by pandora on Dec 05, 2008
asia got kicked off because she was being a slut. everytime she went out she's go home with some random guy. and thats sick. the dollz got mad and then they kicked her off. and i agree with that they dont need a hoe with there group
posted by hater of simz0606 on Nov 15, 2008
you can shut up cos asia is brill they havmt ruined they made em better
posted by hater of simz0606 on Nov 15, 2008
you can shut up cos asia is brill they havmt ruined they made em better
posted by asia fan!!!;) on Nov 15, 2008
THIS IS MORE 4 TH PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!! why aint asia in ur songs they r fab but u need asia? what happened 2 havin 7 it is 5 now?is asia an actual pussycat doll officaly? i just dont think it's not fair 4 asia to be left out like this!!!plzzz respond to me pussycat dolls and answer my questions luv ya xx
posted by lotty on Nov 15, 2008
i love the pussycat dolls but why aint asia in the songs cos she joined months ago...what happend i thought it was seven not five...their new songs great but they need asia..she was made 2 be a pussycat doll..i am sooooooo confused plz plz plz resond!!1
posted by babydoll on Nov 02, 2008
i am gald asia won i liked her and chealse cool man xx
posted by PhoebebBaybee on Nov 02, 2008
omg i wanted her tu wiinnnn when i grow up =]
posted by charlotte on Nov 02, 2008
aww i fort chelsea wer ded cute i werent reli keen on asia im actuli watchin it nw but i jus wanted know hu won nd obvuoisly the publics dint vote for her but i fink chelsey or melissa shud of won
posted by chrissie on Oct 18, 2008
yeh fair doos asia is a fantastic singer/dancer & she is very good looking, but she left the group b4 she had even done anything n went solo. there was millions of girls in tha competion who deserved to be there n she took advantage! in my opinion melissa r shud have won!
posted by sexy 4 life on Sep 13, 2008
yea yr rite asia is quite sexy even i am jelouse lol come on let her b in the next song she is pretty she cold make u loadz f mani
posted by lovly gurl on Sep 13, 2008
asi is sooooooo talented she is cute well il love if shel be in the next single that will b amzing woooooooooooooo
posted by miamorine on Sep 13, 2008
i love asia wat happend 2 her she should be in wen i grow up but she aint lol
posted by kaye on Sep 08, 2008
whats happened to asia?
posted by maz on Aug 21, 2008
heeyyy i want asia to join in thier next song i wanted her to be in wen i grow up wich is a great song go pussycatdolls
posted by gottheinfo on Aug 16, 2008
The other wanted a solo career and asia didnt want to be with the group she wanted a solo career also
posted by sexy on Aug 16, 2008
hi i think the pussycat dolls are fab u go girls love ya xx
posted by booble.. on Aug 07, 2008
well..emh..I just cant get one thing,actually..what happen to Asia?and why are the pussycat now in 5 instead of 7..??there is a new member in the group..wasnt suppose to be Asia the new member???guess I missed something..can you help me work this thing out?hugs
posted by jassy cav on Jul 12, 2008
pussycat dolls rock. Luvre the new song When i grow up it kool.
posted by xsalx on Jul 11, 2008
asia was the best out of the other girls who nwanted to be a pussycatdoll well asia you rock , you bwere made for pussycatdolls so get out htere and show off what yew got i definatley wud........x yew are reli pritty and so are the pussycat dolls....x yew all look sexy together xxbig fan xx
posted by xsalx on Jul 11, 2008
i love the pussycatdolls and to have asia joining ther egroup it'll be wiked anyways yew are all pritty and asia is a gud singer and dancer she knowws how to qork it on stage so gud choice everyone for oikin her cc bllesh her and her lil kid she is strong and kind luffin her all the way she a true person and dats y she has dis kind off quality for the pussycatdolls as i am a very big fan of the pussycat dolls asia was oneofakind to b pikd xx
posted by Me !!!! on Jun 28, 2008
Is she the new doll that is seen in the new clip of the pussycat dolls; When i grow up?? Please respont !!
posted by ulises tuner on Feb 25, 2008
i love you Asia! I'm happy for you, you deserve to win of the beginning. you are beautiful, gorgeous most talent and your voice is excellent! I'm so proud of you, keep going y show us your talent. please put photos and videos of Asia the girl most pretty of all contest y the only winner!!!
posted by naty on Feb 11, 2008
I think that if nicole is living the group they need to put in her place an amazing girl just like her, like melissa R or chealsea, not Asia, she isn't phisically a pussycat doll and maybe she dances good but she isn't as beautiful or great singer as chealsea or melissa R. I think they've made a huge mistake when they picked Asia, i don't want to watch pussycat dolls anymore!!!
posted by The Best Fan on Nov 15, 2007
My big complements to...ASIA!!!!!!!Wow!!I will just fell grat!!The only strange thing is that 1 day u r nobody and the next day u r a pussycat doll!!!The only thing is that u said that u missed ur dogheter and now i think u will miss her much more because u r going to go all over the World!! will be difficult!!1 more thingh!I didn't c Asia on the site of the pussycat dolls!Why?If some one whants to know me better, u can write to me on msn!I'm half italian and half english, so my adresse will be in italian!Please some one! I LOVE THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!
posted by babiegurl1988 on Jul 13, 2007
i hope Asia gets to see this if she does i would just like to say to you Asia that you inspired me when you were on the show how you made being a single mother work for you im in the same situation as you you gave me the will power to make being a single mother work for me im just a year older then you please continue to be true to yourself and for all you idiots that cant see how talented Asia is that is your loss
posted by caitlin on Jun 10, 2007
i love asia and the pussy cat dolls i hope when im asia's age i could be one of u from caitlin your biggest fan
posted by justin on May 04, 2007
I believe you are right. Asia cannot sing as good as Chelsea or Melissa R. If Nicole is leaving the group they should have picked one of these to because they are a lot stronger than Asia. I do like Asia ( a little) but i love the other too a lot more.
posted by ---double--- on May 04, 2007
I think that Asia winnig is much deserved, she is an excellent performer and most suited the she was definetly by far the matter what anyone say melissa R shouldn't of won because she wasn't as good as Asia and deep down she knew it that is why she started to attack asia on the last night, she's the jelouse one plus she has a horrible body..and has no ass....she could sing though
posted by simz0606 on Apr 28, 2007
I just want to let the Pussycat Dolls know that I absolutely love them BUT I think that when they picked ASIA as the new member, THEY WERE WRONG! She is most definitely not right to be a Doll and never will be! I don't even want to watch my favourite group anymore knowing that an untalented person will be performing with such a well recognised and respected girl group. These women represent class and independance but putting Asia in this group just brings the rest of the group down. I personally think that there was favouritism while the decision of the New Pussycat Doll was being decided because it was clear by the publics vote that she was not wanted! Thanks for ruining one of the best girl groups around!

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