Five Welcome "The Man Who Came Back"

Man Who Came Back, The picture

Armand Assante, Eric Braeden, George Kennedy, Sean Young, and Billy Zane are all poised to star together in a Western indie "The Man Who Came Back."

All ready to jump into Western genre, five talents namely Armand Assante, Eric Braeden, George Kennedy, Sean Young, and Billy Zane have given their nods to get submitted into the cast of an indie feature of the kind titled "The Man Who Came Back."

Slated to enter production later this month in Texas, the project tells the tale of revenge in 1870 against the backdrop of a violent labor strike. Other cast members include Carol Alt, Peter Jason, Jennifer O'Dell, and James Patrick Stewart.

Taking the helming duties is indie filmmaker Glen Pitre who is set to direct based on his own script for Gudegast Braeden Prods. and Boden Walker Cable Prods. Steve Bowen, Chuck Walker, Sam Cable, and John Castellanos will all produce with Braeden executive producing.




    No Suprise Here!
    Mar 30, 2010

    So seriously! It's been a couple of years since this has been out. It isnt Steve, just so you know, it's Sam Cable and Chuck Walker. Both men are amazingly unprofessional, they just bull shitted their way into the life of someone with the finances to back them. They have made other horrible films and put females on set in comprimising positions like the women were there for their and nasty men like John "Nobody" Castellanos's pleasure. It was borderline prostitution but the poor women were clueless. None of them are legit DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!

    Jul 13, 2008

    Steve Bowen of Conroe Texas is financing the project and it doesnt surprise me that he isnt paying

    Feb 21, 2008

    I do not know how legit this film is or will be, due to the fact that I and many6 others who worked on this film have yet to be paid! I was a featured extra and I just got an email from the person who handled contracts and was artist liason and she has not been paid. Other extras have notified me that they have been given the 'run-around' about receiving payment. We shot this back in June and July! If producers do not pay their people, the project is not legit.

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