"Pulse" Sparking Two Sequels

February 08, 2007 07:53:31 GMT

Teen horror picture "Pulse" reportedly will have two more sequels on the big screen with Joel Soisson returning as producer.

Pulse picture

Despite the modest result of "Pulse" on the box office, the filmmakers of the horror flick appear to still eager to continue the story on the big screen. Moviehole has reported that figures behind the film are aiming to produce not only one but two sequels to the picture, which was released on August 11 last year.

The site points out that producer Joel Soisson will return for the follow-ups and has already had Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton onboard to pen the two scripts while aiming to make two straight-to-video sequels in addition to the movies. As for the cast, it is unlikely that Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder will reprise their roles there.

"Pulse", a production of Neo Art & Logic distributed by Dimension Films, is a remake of a 2001 Japanese picture titled "Kairo." Helmed by Jim Sonzero, it follows a group of college students as they find out that a computer hacker friend of theirs unwittingly pirated a strange wireless signal that let a terrifying evil cross over into the world.

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