Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush's Divorce Finalized

January 03, 2007 08:15:31 GMT

The divorce between "CW" costars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush has been finalized.

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush have had their divorce finalized on December 28th, 2006.

The couple announced their separation in September 2005, just five months after getting married in a lavish beachfront wedding in April the same year.

On their divorce settlement, it is reported that both Chad and Sophia agreed not to seek spousal support and sold their home in North Carolina and split the proceeds.


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posted by Chad&Sophia Rule! on Oct 29, 2009
I love them Soooo Much I no God Will Put Them Together If They Deseve To B Together......Jus Have Faith Chad&Sophia It Will Come Around For you Both......Love you Both And Remember Have Faith
posted by on Sep 26, 2009
i will never forget this couple, it s something perfect for me will always be...<3
posted by CelebJUNKIE08 on Jul 12, 2009
Sophia & Chad look so happy sad that they separated...SHAME ON U CHAD!
posted by Jethany on Jun 02, 2009
I hope James Lafferty marries Sophia Bush they seem like such a cute couple then again he also looks cute with Bethany Joy Lenz as well.
posted by xhesi on Mar 15, 2009
i was very sad about the divorce of sophia and chad.they shouldnt is a bbitch
posted by WIZZLY on Mar 09, 2009
i know sophia n chad've moved on wit their life.there people out in real world thinking that ur little pathetic scene is affecting u both. be truthful to ur self,even if u are not together.marriage is not a mistake,does not come by not a commodity 4sale is life time bound of two soul that found the rest of world meanless without them together as one.
posted by hannah on Jan 27, 2009
i dont understand what everyone is getting so stressed about? these people are actors the people you love on the screen is not them in real life, who they want to be with is their choice and u should all no by now that the fashion for hollywood people are to get married like 5 times each so hell propb split with this kenzie chik anyway shes rebound its obvious
posted by james girl on Jan 26, 2009
i think chad is not clear whether he has married or not, he should treat sophia better, don't let her down
posted by Kad on Jan 23, 2009
Chad and Kenzie make an awesome couple they r so cut 2gether no offense but when Chad and Sophia were 2gether they annoyed me a little so maybe it's 4 the best they divorced
posted by MC on Jan 18, 2009
Chad you're cute and all but u and Sophia had good chemistry y and how could u go from her 2 Kenzie, I mean Kenzie isn't that bad and I know u r never goin back 2 Sophia ever again but u and her made a pretty good couple just sayin lol
posted by LLlover on Dec 28, 2008
I so agree with Chindsay Chad and Lindsay 4ever
posted by KenzieDalton on Dec 19, 2008
Chad we all know you're just using Kenzie to make Sophia jealous so just go back 2 her
posted by KenzieDalton on Dec 19, 2008
Chad we all know you're just using Kenzie to make Sophia jealous so just go back 2 her
posted by Chophialover on Dec 19, 2008
I hate Paris Hilton,Hilary Duff and Hilarie Burton very much
posted by BrucasChophia on Dec 19, 2008
Stop making an idiot of yourself Chad and go back 2 Sophia Bush, we all know you're a gay slut for cheating on her with PARIS HILTON, even though Sophia deserves a lot better than you I hope u guys get back 2gether because u 2 make a great couple on set and off set (sorry Jophia LOL)
posted by Jophia on Dec 18, 2008
Sophia Bush belongs 2 James Lafferty now, all you chophia lovers need to stop living in the past and accept the fact that both Chad and Sophia have moved on and r never getting back 2gether, besides they both r better off without eachother, espacially Sophia
posted by Annonymous on Dec 18, 2008
Chad and Sophia all the way, Go Chophia!
posted by Chindsay on Dec 18, 2008
Chad, please I'm begging u date Lindsay Lohan, u 2 r both cute 2gether in "Freaky Friday"(don't date Hilary Duff, she's a loser)
posted by !!!!!!!!!!!! on Dec 14, 2008
when i heard about their divorced i cried very very much...!!i love sophia and chad
posted by ............... on Dec 14, 2008
james is not good enough for sophia.chad must tell to sophia that he sorry about everything
posted by angelina on Dec 14, 2008
i hate kenzie..she is a bitch..sophia is the best for chad
posted by hilary on Dec 14, 2008
i think that kenzie will never be like sophia for chad. Chad loves sophia until now and sophia loves chad until now. if wasn't paris...
posted by sophia on Dec 14, 2008
i really want sophia and to be together again!!they're the best couple...
posted by BethanyJoyLenz on Dec 13, 2008
Five monthes is one of the shortest marriages i ever heard of, tisk...tisk

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