Four Falling for "Jolene"

October 09, 2006 09:01:49 GMT

Dermot Mulroney and three other stars are set to appear together in "Jolene."

Jolene picture

The quartet has come down to give "Jolene" a big support. Yes that's right, Dermot Mulroney, Donald Sutherland, Michael Vartan, and Denise Richards have all been confirmed to share scenes together in the project, which has already included newcomer Jessica Chastain for the title role.

Along with other cast members, Rupert Friend and Theresa Russell, the foursome will come under the direction of Dan Ireland who is set to helm based on script written by Dennis Yares. Shooting will take place in Arizona with Riva Yares and Zachary Matz producing.

An adaptation of E.L. Doctorow's tale "Jolene: A Life" founded in his 2004 collection "Sweet Land Stories", the picture follows the journey of a red-haired girl named Jolene as she commences cross-country adventures over the course of a decade.


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