Britney Spears to Name Her New Daughter Jailynn?!

The NY Daily News reports Britney Spears is planning to name her new daughter Jailynn.

The baby has yet come to the world, but Britney Spears has prepared a name for her new daughter. The pop superstar seemingly wants to get prepared for everything in relation with her second child.

Per NY Daily News it is reported that Spears is planning to name her new daughter Jailynn which is widely believed as a way to honor her parents, Jamie Spears and Lynn Spears, and her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

What's more, the unborn infant is also reportedly set to be delivered via C-section and will share the same birthday as brother Sean Preston, September 14.



    Feb 08, 2011

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    Jun 25, 2008

    britney have a 13 year old daughter ....father is a spanish speaking

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