Tim Roth & Naomi Watts Involve in "Funny Games"

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Tim Roth will star alongside Naomi Watts in the Michael Haneke-directed drama "Funny Games."

It is interesting for Tim Roth and Naomi Watts to be involved in "Funny Games". The two actors are set to star in the upcoming drama thriller genre.

There in the flick, which will be started by next month, Roth will play a father and husband who tries to protect his family after two psychos invade their cabin during a vacation.

"Funny Games", indeed, is a remake of Michael Haneke's 1997 German original. He, moreover, also is set to serve as the movie's director.

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    Aug 24, 2006

    you're slighting oscar-nominee, actress, naomi watts by listing her AFTER tim roth (male, actor). tim roth & his character george is NOT the lead of this film. naomi watts & her character anna is. so is susanne lothar & her character in the 1997 german original. i bet this wouldn't have happened if anna were played by nicole kidman or charlize theron. and if this were a true remake of the original 1997 film by michael haneke, then no way would the father and husband (roth) who was crippled by a golf club at the very beginning of the film be a protector of his family at all but a wimp, a weak, chicken-hearted coward. rather, it was the mother and wife (naomi watts) despite her physical weakness trying to protect and save her family amidst comforting her sick and crying husband. the husband role of george is a supporting role to the lead role of anna played by naomi watts (susanne lothar in 1997) and should therefore not be mistaken as a lead character of the film. regards.

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