"X-Men 4" Gets Shaped

August 15, 2006 04:57:28 GMT

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has confirmed that "X-Men 4" is currently in development.

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The X-Men's story still continues, really. LA Daily News has delightfully reported that the franchise's producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, is in development to bring out "X-Men 4" to the big screen and is currently focusing on compiling the cast for the project.

Though this sure will be such great news for superhero-flick fans, there is actually a big problem that lurks behind as Donner has indicated that contract renegotiations are the biggest stumbling blocks in order for the film to become a reality. "The newer cast members are signed, and the older cast members are not," so she has said.

Judging from her statement, it could mean that the older names involved, such as Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry, have the possibility to not be involved in this fourth installment, but let's hope that everything will turn out well for both sides in the end then.

In addition, Donner has also informed that production on X-Men spin-off, Wolverine, is planned to begin by the end of the year the earliest since Jackman, who portrays the title character, has already been plotted to work on another big screen project under Baz Luhrmann's direction. The actor will also produce through his Seed Prods. alongside Donner and John Palermo with David Benioff penning the script.


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posted by raj on Jun 06, 2010
i love volverine
posted by Ryanater on May 08, 2010
I Agree i wont halle berry as storm (Ororo Munroe)and Hugh jackman as Wolverine (James Howlett)
posted by andries price on Aug 12, 2009
i will see x-men 4 this is cool im readey for x-men 4 hugh jackman and storm in action so i will see x-men 4 in theatres august 19th 2010
posted by levitra senza ricett on Jul 31, 2009
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posted by levitra generico opi on Jul 31, 2009
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posted by titi on Apr 22, 2009
posted by willy on Dec 22, 2008
posted by skeptron on Dec 20, 2008
yeah....wana see the whole cast in the animeted the movie!!!..hope the production will leisten to the comments
posted by Dijon on Dec 13, 2008
posted by ciane on Dec 13, 2008
I don't care what anyone says Halle Berry is perfect for Storms part.She looks great with White Hair, Blue eyes , and she is a Goddess (not to boast)but the world is counting on seeing her with a main role as :Using her ultimate powers and as a true leader of the Xmen. Please Ms.Donner Halle wants this part no matter what caused you not to want to include her to be in the 4th xmen. I know that you and your crew members are smart enough to show the world that you can make this xmen the best with our favorite characters. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. i'LL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE HALLE AS Storm in xmen4.Thank you!!!!
posted by drake T on Dec 13, 2008
posted by Jackson on Dec 13, 2008
Please keep the world's best actor and actress Berry and Jackman if xmen4 gets produced
posted by simone on Dec 13, 2008
I just hope you're not serious about making a new Xmen4 without the old characters let alone without everyone's favorite Goddess and the wolverine. ARE YOU CRAZY ,OMG,I am not watching it or paying for it in the Theaters .Ibe dammed. It will be so uninteresting w/o these two (Berry and jackman).They're PERFECT,PERFECT...PERFECT!I mean what's wrong with them?what did they do wrong? what did WE do wrong to to disserve this suffering of our best actor and actress not being able to role in the world's favorite Marvel Team "xmen" What?! Well if you're still planning on viewing a new xmen film please keep the two best actor and actress (Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman...ThankYou:)
posted by ellen smiths on Dec 13, 2008
HEY, my son loves xmen and I here from ppl everywhere I go that you are not keeping Halle Berry as Storm and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.WHY?! It isn't fair and if my son (adam)here this from his mother and see xmen4 without storm and wolverine as they were in the last 3 xmens he'll bust out in tears.So, please Ms. Lauren (Director) don't do this.Be a smart director that you are and make the world be amazed.
posted by tyson on Dec 13, 2008
Wolverine and storm are always in the Xmen films, games, comic books, and animated series. As a respctful intelligent 10 yr old boy I will prefer to see the original ppl to role as Ororo and logan. I am an Xmen FAN, and it will disappoint not only me, but the world, for those who are Xmen fans too if you delete Halle and Hugh from the final Xmen
posted by lauren on Dec 13, 2008
Hi, how are you. Is this true that new characters are coming and old characters are leaving.No Please DO NOT EXCLUDE the old ones or at least not Halle Berry or Hugh Jackman they're the greatest. If this doesn't convince you at least keep berry and jackman. I'd rather watch them anyway. You're being unreasonable without even a reason (withall do respect) I know some things were said by Halle Berry, but please put that aside for the sake of the world's pleasure of and to enjoy this last Xmen4. ThankYou... DIRECTOR Lauren!
posted by sue on Dec 13, 2008
To make xmen 4 the best Superhero movie EVER you'll have to keep Halle Berry(Storm) and Hugh Jackman(Wolverine). I have 4 good reasons:(1)They're both in a in all 3 trilogies,(2) they look exactly like the comic and animated characters from the comics,Theyboth are also the leaders of the Xmen. Keep these ppl please. Thanks alot
posted by Danny on Dec 13, 2008
Greetings Director of Xmen, I hear that you're getting rid of Berry and Jackman from Xmen. That's isn't a very wise decision at all. It wouldn't make sense (not even the slightest sense)because they both are like the leaders of the Xmen now and to get rid of them will make you look bad as a Director no matter how many other films you've directed. You'll never get better characters to pull off Storm and Wolverine.I vote that they stay, So this last Xmen canbe the movie of the year!
posted by chris on Dec 13, 2008
When you develope a next Xmen4 make sure that Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman are in it.Mr.Director of Xmen4, I know you will want this film to be the best out the rest of the Trilogy of Xmen, but instead of letting Halle Berry (Storm) always flying the XJet it will be awesome to give her a part where the whole world can see her full power. Everyone tells me she never did anything Extravagant throughout the Xmen films... Just a SMART and WISE suggestion!
posted by storm on Dec 13, 2008
I will be so upset if Halle Berry And Hugh Jackman are not included in xmen4, because they're on the animated series and in comic books. So there won't be an Xmen4 w/o these 2 main characters. Please do not get others to get Berry's and Jackman's role. They even look like the superheroes from the comics and animated series. They're the only reason why I watch Xmen Trilogy. I enjoy all the others, but I rather see Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman as they are in the characters in the film. So, if you make a Fourth Xmen PLEASE keep these 2, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
posted by jj on Aug 14, 2008
i love to watch halle and huge..pls include them... God speed for the xmen 4.. i cant wait....lov it so much... i have all the xmen cards since grade 1 and im 26 years old ryt
posted by x men4 on Aug 10, 2008
Hey director, you mean that Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman won't play Storm and Wolverine, respectively, in X-Men 4? They are the main characters in 3 X-Men films. How could you do that? I will not watch X-Men 4 unless Berry and Jackman are still included.
posted by Kane on Jul 24, 2008
Hey director, you mean that Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman won't play Storm and Wolverine, respectively, in X-Men 4? They are the main characters in 3 X-Men films. How could you do that? I will not watch X-Men 4 unless Berry and Jackman are still included.

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