Paris & Nicole to Outdo A 'Simple Life' Lavish Lesbian Wedding

June 23, 2006 03:51:04 GMT

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to throw a 'Simple Life' lesbian wedding.

They may not be good friends any longer, but Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are still having particular similarities, one most apparent is 'crazy idea.'

The twosome is planning a 'Simple Life' lesbian wedding. Per In Touch Weekly it is reported that both celebrities have in an episode for "Simple Life" joined the Bowden Family, a lesbian couple raising two teenage daughters, and are surprised when they realize the Bowdens never married.

And so, Paris and Nicole drop their household duties and try to outdo the other planning the biggest, most lavish lesbian wedding the world has ever seen. Let's just leave it all to Paris and Nicole for a perfect party.


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posted by cawky on Jul 25, 2008
who was that gay guy singer on this episode?
posted by cawky on Jul 25, 2008
i found it its none other then mickey avalon
posted by Chico1969 on Jul 12, 2006
Who is that dude that sang on The Simple Life with the "Til Death Do Us Part Bowden Wedding?" Enquiring minds want to know. That was funny as Hello!!!!

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