The Winner Goes to "Syriana"!

June 20, 2006 04:07:29 GMT

And the judge decided: "Syriana" is not a plagiarized movie. Hooray?

Stephen Gaghan
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The verdict of plagiarism on the movie by Warner Bros., "Syriana", dragging the Hollywood star, George Clooney, and producer-actor Steven Soderbergh's Section Eight in the middle of fire, has finally had the winner.

It was Stephanie Vergniault, a screenwriter who brought the charges, claiming that the movie by the writer-director Stephen Gaghan is a total duplication to her script previously sent to a Canadian company linked to Warner Bros.

However, the judge of French court handling the case found that the script is, beyond any doubt, different. The points Vergniault emphasized, saying that the movie is also about a CIA agent and the Persian Gulf oil industry, which she wrote back in 2002, are told to be two coincidental matters. It is just similar, not a plagiarism. There went Vergniault's desired $2.5 million. Hooray for Warner Bros. and partners?


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posted by steph on Feb 01, 2007
Syriana is a plagiarism ...Several expert reports .Stephanie Vergniault is right . Court case the 7 Of February 2007 ..Paris .

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