Webby Awards Granted Prince Lifetime Achievement Award


Was among the many winners at the the Webby Awards held Monday June 12th, 2006 in the Cipriani restaurant from the financial district of New York.

The multitalented singer Prince was awarded Lifetime Achievement honor at the 10th gala of the Webby Awards which was held Monday June 12, 2006 in the Cipriani restaurant from the financial district of New York.

Honored for his excellence in web design, creativity and functionality, Prince accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award, while delivering his 5-word acceptance speech (this is the official limit for all speeches) of "Everything you think... is true".

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    Jan 31, 2011

    *Whew*, what a relief... everything I think is true! But wait - if <i>everyone's</i> thoughts are true, doesn't that mean that the thoughts of someone I disagree with are true too? Even if they are the exact opposite of my thoughts, even if what I believe is "the other person's beliefs are not true"? How does that work? One of the greatest gifts we have as conscious beings is the ability to throw out or redefine ideas when new data shows our old ideas to be inadequate. So, for instance, if we find that a certain assumption (like "everything you think is true") leads to a paradox, we know it must be discarded in favor of other thoughts that better explain things <i>without</i> resulting in logical inconsistencies. The defining characteristic of intelligent beings is our ability to differentiate between our thoughts and reality. <i>Crazy people</i> are the ones who believe that everything the think is true.

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