"M:I-3" Has Been Cleared for A July 18 Opening in China

Mission: Impossible 3 picture

"MI 3" has been cleared for a July 18 opening in China after negotiations ended with agreements to make some cuts to the movie, some of which are understood to involve scenes of violence.

Negotiations are ended as agreements have been reached on the opening date of the highly anticipated flick "Mission: Impossible 3" in China. It has been decided that there will be some cuts to the movie, some of which are understood to involve scenes of violence, before its July 18 opening in the country.

"M:I-3," which was submitted in mid-April for approval in Beijing, as is standard procedure in China, faced complaints from communist censors about scenes of violence and shots depicting parts of Shanghai as a slum. Yuan Wenqiang, deputy manager of the import-export arm of state-run industry giant China Film Group Corp., confirmed that "M:I-3" would be released in mid-July, after a seasonal summer blackout of foreign films ends. This blackout runs through July 11.

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