Will Smith Is Attached to Star in "Seven Pounds"

Will Smith

Will Smith has weighed in on one of his next projects, a drama called "Seven Pounds."

Noticed for his excellent acting skills he has displayed throughout his career in film industry, Will Smith has been tapped to star in an upcoming drama titled "Seven Pounds", while also is in talks to produce the film alongside James Lassiter.

Written by Grant Nieporte, the story centers on a man who inadvertently falls in love with a woman while attempting to kill himself.

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    I Just Think...
    Nov 03, 2008

    This actor, Will is a very deep thinking actor, producer, etc. He makes movies that make you think really hard and deep within your soul. When I saw the trailor at the Movies this weekend I started thinking hard about what it is he wanted to give these seven people. I wonder if it is seven different organs that he wanted to donate to seven different people that deserve it. When pounds came into play I thought he only has seven pounds to lose and he would have to give up the organs before they wouldn't be able to be used. I don't know what this movie is going to be about but I have to see it. It has made my mind to think even harder about things and life.

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