Adrien Brody, Lindsay Lohan to Become "Speechless"

Adrien Brody and Lindsay Lohan will star in the independent romantic comedy "Speechless," reports Variety

Fellow actors Adrien Brody and Lindsay Lohan are about to land their feet on a new independent romantic comedy titled "Speechless". The flick, moreover, will have Brian Dannelly in hand directing with shooting scheduled to start later this year.

Based on a story by L. Sprague De Camp from 1952, "Speechless" tells about an introverted man (Brody) who is invited to give a speech at his childhood friend's wedding and turns to a service that allows someone (Lohan) to speak through him.

Dannelly and writing partner Michael Urban are co-writing the script along with Steve Adams, who penned the original adaptation.



    Feb 24, 2013

    I saw this movie in 2007/2008 on Rogers TV...I loved it and just found out the name of it last night ,can't seem to find it online anywhere...Can someone let me know how to get a copy of it...It was an awesome movie with Adrien Brody...Someone please help me find it...Thank you from Canada

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