Kelly Dating David Williams of Son of Dork

Does Kelly Osbourne have a new boyfriend? According to the Mirror, yes

What's new from the eccentric singer Kelly Osbourne? She has a new boyfriend. And the lucky guy happens to be David Williams, the guitarist of James Bourne's new group, Son of Dork. The two some is reported to spend the night together in Kelly's suite from London's Dorchester hotel.

Even more, as it is reported in Mirror, the twosome was seen "went to the cinema for their first date. They were meant to watch 'Harry Potter' but let's just say they hardly saw the film." The reports as yet proved true, though having a new beau obviously becomes Kelly's best birthday present besides that of a 1 million London apartment she got from her parents and the posh car millionaire Stavros Niarchos is to buy her as a way to apologize for ruining her birthday party.




    ME!!! Brittany
    Aug 25, 2008

    You know, maybe it's not best for him to be with her. However, if he's happy, isn't that all that matters. If you truly love someone, you should always want them to be happy, no matter what. So, if all you "#1 fans" are so in love, why would you want his heart broken by a split up? Maybe not broken, but happiness would definitly not come from it. So instead of worrying about how you feel, instead, think of his feelings....since you are soooo in love.

    Jan 07, 2008

    i really don't thing Kelly deserves such a good guy like David because Kelly is just a heartbreaker and he deserves better than that. I don't think Danny deserved it either because i am so in love with both David and Danny and neither of them deserve someone as horrible and rude as Kelly Osbourne. I mainly love David because of his wonderful personality and his funny sense of humor. I wouldn't care if he was in a band or not. I'm serious here, he could be the most poor person or the ugliest person on earth and i would still be in love with him. I go for people inner beauty and i love his. So, David if you ever read this comment, i believe u deserve WAYYY better than Kelly, you should dump and leave her heartbroken, not the other way around. You can do better and find someone 100 times better than her! If you are wondering who i am, i am Felicia and i am your #1 fan! I absolutely love you! i have ALL of your bands albums and i love all the songs! I know the band MAY be splitting up but i want you to know that i will always be your #1! xoxoxoxox, i love you so much David Williams!!! I will love you till i die, i will even love you in my afterlife. I will love you always and forever and ever and EVER!! *hugs and kisses to David* love, your #1 fan, Felicia Dunkle

    Aug 15, 2006

    hey i don't think it's a good idea david and kelly because i'm like totally in love with david and i bet she is using him no fence i'm totally falling in love with david i am i'm like his biggest fan like in the whole of the entier universe david david david please finish her please please please if u read this ma names emily i love u soooooo much i don't care tht u are in a band i jus care about you because i love you for who you are sooo please finish her i dont fink she's right for you you will get heart broken love ya loads n loads david till i die im 16 please i love you soo much xxxxxxxxxx 4 eva n eva n eva n eva i jus love ya for who you are i love your personalitiy and i MEAN IT!!!!

    Jul 03, 2006

    What a loser, I can't believe Kelly Osbourne, First Danny Jones(McFly) ! Now another british celebrity.. I like both Danny and David and can't believe what dumbasses they are! I suppose I say this because I like McFly and Son Of Dork, and don't like Kelly Osbourne. But, what does she want from these british boys?! What a loser (Kelly not David!!)

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