Please Don't Wear Fur

October 12, 2005 07:54:09 GMT

Pamela Anderson and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals started a campaign in China regarding animal cruelty, this country being the leading f

The deep concern Pamela Anderson has for the animals has encouraged her to willingly pose nearly naked for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign in China regarding animal cruelty. As we all know that this country is the leading fur producing nation, about which the actress commented "The people of China deserve to know about the immense suffering of animals killed for their fur."

For the sake of the campaign, PETA besides collaborated with China Telecom also printed 70,000 cards, which feature the slogan "Give fur the cold shoulder" in English and show Pamela nearly naked, with her back to the camera and an arm partly hiding her right breast. As of the background, it shows an image of falling snow appears above Chinese characters reading "Cold shoulders are nothing compared to the pain they feel" and "Please don't wear fur."


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posted by Lola on Nov 19, 2008
People who wear fur have obviously not seen with their own two eyes how these animals are treated. I urge you to open your eyes and watch actual footage of the cruel fur trade.
posted by Animals_rok on Nov 09, 2008
cat lover, how can u bee a cat lover when you wear DEAD cat from the streets that could have been a little girls from china? your sick and if u step on stage wearing fur, you aint winning no beuty pagent LADY, b i tch
posted by N/A on Oct 26, 2008
Sorry im not from the UK. cat lover... you should get hold of a film called earthlings and take a look at the fur industry you are supporting... foxes skinned alive and left to die in the sun bearing only muscle and whats left of their remaining connective tissue which used to attach to the skin you are now feeling luxurious in... think about it
posted by Rory on Sep 04, 2008
hey cat lover I hope someone skins you alive and wears you as a fur, because that will make for a real luxury.
posted by cat lover..x on Aug 28, 2008
Hey bb3 gall loza, I wear fur, I have 2 Mink fur stoles (from the 1920's), a scarf made from silver fox tails and an arctic fox fur coat. I like fur because it makes me feel nice and luxurious, and tells people that yeah i have money and I can afford real fur because it costs quite a lot. I hope this has helped you in you investigation..x
posted by bbe gall loza on Jul 03, 2008
dont you poeple comment on this
posted by bb3 gall loza on Jun 20, 2008
hey peoples can u wright bk plz i need 2 know 4 skol thnx
posted by bb3 gall loza on Jun 18, 2008
if you waer fur then thin what you are killing
posted by bb3 gall loza on Jun 18, 2008
hello people i am investagating about how many poeple in the uk wear fur for fun plese scribble back if you know someone or you yourself wear fur only ib the uk thank you

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