50 Cent & Joy Bryant Dating?!

It is reported that rapper 50 Cent dating his new movie co-star Joy Bryant

Recent rumors claiming rapper 50 Cent is dating his new movie co-star Joy Bryant, who is also Usher ex-girlfriend. "Joy has a history of hooking up with her leading men. But her and 50 are keeping this quiet. They avoid each other on the set, but there is a lot of sneaking into each other's hotel rooms," an insider on the set of "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" film told the New York Daily News. On the contrary, Bryant representative refused to comment on the issue saying, "I have no idea and I don't really comment on her personal life."

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    Jun 25, 2008

    i really think joy bryant and 50cent should date.When i saw you guys in ''Get rich or die tryin'' the way u acted seemed so natural like u enjoyed it defilintly the love senes it seemed like it was real.And all so u guys looked so cute together i did not want the movie to end i wanted it to be real but anyways i think you guys would be a alsome couple.

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