Thalia's "Sixth Sense"

As her 11th album ready to marry the street, Thalia names it "El Sexto Sentido" (The Sixth Sense)

"In a way, I feel like I'm living in my sixth sense. I'm very receptive to everything around me ... The sixth sense liberates you from the (other) five senses, which are tricky ... It makes you listen to that inside voice -- your intuition -- which is never wrong," says Thalia explaining about her 11th album, which after a state of mind she names it "El Sexto Sentido" (The Sixth Sense).

The album set to marry the street July 19 on EMI Latin and will be released simultaneously in the United States, Latin America and Japan, and a month later in continental Europe, Canada, Australia and the rest of Southeast Asia. Representing the mystery of life, human feeling, broken hearts, and mainly the mystery of the sixth sense, "El Sexto Sentido" covers English versions of single "Amar Sin Ser Amada," and an uptempo, rock-edged track whose English title is "You Know He Never Loved You."




    Reality Check
    Nov 09, 2010

    The thing is nobody knows that especially outside mexico. Though I think america had some hints after she married Motolla.Using men to be popular. That is why she danced with Obama. She has talent. But I do not know why she has to use men to get to where she is now. History will always open up yo dhow what she is hiding.

    Mar 20, 2009

    One time they asked Thalia in an interview what was the most exciting thing she ever did in her whole life and she said: "Whoring around with the richest men on earth.". She also said: :It gives me a big pleasure to see a men's wallet full of money.: :That is really what life is about." "Taking millions of dollars from a men's wallet like I did with Alfredo Diaz Ordaz. "I don't like wasting my time with men who are poor, I mean, if I like being a whore, I'm going to do it with someone who can really pay for what he's getting. I like doubleing the pleasure: :Pleasure to see the big bucks and pleasure with sex."

    Mar 20, 2009

    Thalia said in an interview that the best thing she has ever done in her life is to have lived jer life as a good whore because that's what gave her millions of dollars. She also said that her most talent was in her fundillo.

    Mar 03, 2009

    Who gives a fuck about Thalia's cheap music. Thalia's the worst singer that has ever existed in the planet. The only reason she has her albums realeased is because she pays the recording componies millions of dollars to het her albums out in the market. She pays them with the money that she made whoring around. Now, Thalia is very good as a whore!

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