Portman Expresses Regret for Western Wall Kissing

March 03, 2005 02:18:11 GMT

Natalie Portman accepts her Western Wall kissing scene was an unfortunate mistake and thus she apologized the ultra-Orthodox Jews for doing it

Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman has realized her Western Wall kissing scene with co-star Aki Avni during the filming of their new movie Free Zone was an unfortunate mistake and she feels sory about that. In a statement released on Monday, Portman admits that she doesn't want to intentionally offend other's beliefs nor she wants to impose anything on anyone.

Pointed the movie hectic work schedulle to cause anyone involved in the movie "didn't think further," Portman accepts the truth that she shouldn't do such scene in a remnant of the biblical Jewish temples - the holiest place where Jews can pray.


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posted by Bob Barker on Jun 20, 2010
Natalie should have known better, and is a complete idiot for kissing at the West Wall. Didn't she learn ANYTHING about her heritage having been BORN in Israel. Shit...

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