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'House M.D.' 6.03 Preview: House to Quit

September 22, 2009 06:31:53 GMT

House declares he wants to quit the job and makes a reference to Jake Gyllenhaal in the preview for next week's episode of "House M.D." In "Epic Fail", House returns home to Princeton where he continues to focus on his recovery, but surprises Cuddy with the news that he's making a big change in his life.

Meanwhile, the team is unable to diagnose a loud-mouthed video game creator who posts each new symptom on the Internet and opts for treatments suggested by the online community rather than by the doctors, and Foreman angles for House's job, but the pressure to solve the case creates tension in his relationship with Thirteen.

First Clip From 'Smallville' Season 9 Premiere

September 22, 2009 04:46:13 GMT

The CW has provided fans of "Smallville" with the clip from the first episode of season 9. Oliver is involved in some kind of underground fight and Lois penetrates the place to seek his help. She tells him that a woman has been following her, but shortly later the talked-about figure shows up only to lure Clark out of the hiding.

Clark decides that he is ready to start his training at the Fortress, but Jor-El insists that he returns to Metropolis to cut his ties with Lois before he begins. Lois reappears in the city with no recollection of vanishing, and her investigation into a monorail crash brings her into contact with a new reporter named John Corben who is opposed to the Red and Blue Blur.

Tina Fey Wants Justin Timberlake on '30 Rock'

September 22, 2009 03:15:13 GMT

It looks like a deal is brewing between Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake. The two stars, who enjoyed a shower of attention at the recent Primetime Emmy Awards, may be sharing a screen should a deal between him and the writers of "30 Rock" reach a favorable end.

To Access Hollywood, Fey expressed her interest in getting the singer-turned-actor to join the comedy. "We should track him down. He'd be good," the depicter of Liz Lemon on the series said. "I'm sure he'd totally do it - he's not busy."

Previews of 'One Tree Hill' 7.03 and 'Gossip Girl' 3.03

September 22, 2009 02:41:44 GMT

Next week on "One Tree Hill" the scandal case is not yet resolved but Haley begins to wonder if Renee's accusations have merit. Meanwhile, Clay and Nathan disagree on how to handle an ever-worsening scandal. Quinn and Brooke organize a photo shoot, and Mouth ups the stakes in his battle with Skills. Alex makes Julian an interesting proposition.

On "Gossip Girl", it's an Upper East Side face-off when Blair and Chuck both set their sights on a particular item up for bid at Sotheby's and the personal stakes are high. Serena suspects that Carter may be up to his old habits, Georgina takes an interest in Dan, and Vanessa begins to suspect that something isn't quite right with Scott (guest star Chris Riggi).

First Teaser of 'Camp Rock 2'

September 21, 2009 09:07:09 GMT

Disney Channel is giving a head start for "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" by releasing its first teaser. Not giving away any scene from the TV movie, the teaser is quite informative in terms of its release target and story plot. The sequel to "Camp Rock" is coming to the channel in Summer 2010 with the summer camp threatened to be shut down.

According to its early synopsis, the second installment sees Mitchie, Shane and the others discovering that some of the students and instructors have ditched it for a nearby rival Camp Star. Also, there would be sort of a "Romeo and Juliet" love story when Nick Jonas' Nate falls in love with the daughter of Camp Star's owner.

New Poster of 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 6

September 21, 2009 07:48:14 GMT

A new poster is released to promote the sixth season of "Grey's Anatomy". Like the first one that shows a white umbrella over the black ones, this new poster tags the show's latest slogan, "The season that changes everything". Apart from the design, the photos of the cast are rather old with Izzie still having her short blonde hair.

The season is particularly going through changes in the casting and star's appearance. T.R. Knight is no longer part of the show and Katherine Heigl will take a break from several episodes to concentrate on her feature movie project. Also, pregnant Ellen Pompeo is due to give birth this Fall and she will need a maternity leave.

Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number and Dance Tribute at Emmys

September 21, 2009 04:49:20 GMT

The ceremony of 61st Primetime Emmy Awards has just ended but some notable moments from the live event were captured. Neil Patrick Harris opening number and a dance sequence by several dancers from shows such as "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" were among the highlighted moments apart from the winners revelation.

Harris, wearing white Tuxedo, worked the stage with a Broadway number of "Put Down That Remote". His performance included a shout out to Tina Fey who won as the impersonation of Sarah Palin, Tony Shalhoub whose name rhymes with tuba, and Shirley MacLaine as well as Drew Barrymore who "everyday look luscious and cool".

'30 Rock' and 'Mad Men' Snag Best Series at 61st Emmys

September 21, 2009 03:33:20 GMT

"30 Rock" and "Mad Men" managed to grab the coveted awards at the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The former was hailed as the Best Comedy Series while the latter was the winner of Best Drama Series. This would be "Mad Men" second time in a row to win the category while for "30 Rock" it's their third year holding the title.

The cast ensemble for both shows took the stage to receive the trophy. "30 Rock" creator Tina Fey thanked NBC for keep airing the show although it is much more expensive than a talk show. Creator of "Mad Men" Matthew Weiner meanwhile said, "We worked very hard to not have it stink the second year. It is an amazing time to work in TV and I know that everything is changing but I'm not afraid of it because I feel like all these different media, it's just more choice and more entertainment and it's better for the viewers in the end, and I'm glad to be a part of it."

Early Winners of 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

September 21, 2009 03:03:19 GMT

Kristin Chenoweth and Jon Cryer were among the early winners at 61st Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20. Chenoweth won the Best Supporting Actress in Comedy for her role on the now-canceled "Pushing Daisies" while Cryer snagged the Best Supporting Actor part.

Cryer, the depicter of Alan on "Two and a Half Men" beat Neil Patrick Harris who was hosting the show. In finding out that his role as Barney on "How I Met Your Mother" did not win, Harris cracked the joke, "It's not awkward. I won't let it get awkward."

'Desperate Housewives' Steamy 'She Wolf' Promo

September 19, 2009 06:42:55 GMT

"Desperate Housewives" has mashed up its season 6 scenes with the music video of Shakira's "She Wolf". Susan and Gaby stripping down to their lingerie, Bree committing adultery and Lynette unbuttoning her work suit emphasize the sexy theme of the promo.

"She Wolf" is the single from Shakira's new studio album of the same name, "She Wolf", which will be released in the United States on October 13. The music video was directed by Jake Nava, featuring Shakira wearing skin-colored leotard and dancing inside a cage. The single itself has been used as a background music for several promos of the show.

Fresh Clip of 'Supernatural' 5.03: Castiel to Meet Women

September 19, 2009 04:57:42 GMT

"Supernatural" gives another preview to its upcoming episode called "Free to be You and Me" through a clip. Over 2 minutes long, it shows Dean discovering that Castiel will soon perform the ritual and after that will vanish like the other angels. Knowing that this would be Castiel's last day on Earth and the angel has no plans but starring blankly in the room, Dean takes him out for booze and women.

"Free to be You and Me" is airing on September 24 on The CW. Dean, intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael, as Castiel believes Raphael knows God's location.

Sacha Baron Cohen Lending Voice to 'The Simpsons'

September 19, 2009 03:40:24 GMT

The writers of "The Simpsons" have one actor in mind to fill in the voice of an Israeli tour guide. They have tapped "Borat" and "Bruno" star Sacha Baron Cohen to bring the "pretty angry but funny" character to life in an episode that airs next year.

According to EW, Cohen's tour guide will meet the dysfunctional family during a church-group trip to the Holy Land. There, Homer gets a 'Jerusalem Syndrome' and believes that he is the messiah. The episode is called "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" and will air on March 28, 2010 which coincides with Palm Sunday. "So it'll be a show that all faiths can come together and be offended by," Executive Producer Al Jean said.

Paula Abdul Channeling Ellen DeGeneres on VH1 Divas

September 19, 2009 02:56:42 GMT

Paula Abdul channeled Ellen DeGeneres while hosting VH1 Divas Live concert on Thursday, September 17 night. The former "American Idol" judge wore a short blonde wig, dressed in masculine outfit and did a dance like Ellen. "Why are you all staring at me? Can't a girl try out for a new job?" she joked.

Paula even had a chair similar to the one Ellen has on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". After sitting down, she said "All kidding aside, [I have] nothing but love for Ellen, and I wish you the best of luck and congratulations on your new gig." One note that she left for Ellen was "And call me! You gotta call me if you have any Simon [Cowell] problems, 'cause you know, I know him best."

Video: Kathy Griffin Meets Kate Gosselin on 'The View'

September 19, 2009 02:19:48 GMT

After a couple of years being in the black list, Kathy Griffin made her triumphant return to "The View" holding her new book. The comedienne was the guest for the Friday, September 18 episode where Kate Gosselin was present as a co-host instead of Barbara Walters.

Having a history with Barbara, Kathy continuously made fun of the host throughout her interview, pretending that Barbara was sitting behind Whoopi Goldberg. "Barbara Walters is not here, anyone notice?" she said later on. "I ran into her in the bathroom and it was like old school, ghetto girls fight. It was like a prison fight, with the two pulling each other's hair."

New Sneak Peeks to 'Law and Order' 20.01

September 18, 2009 09:24:54 GMT

Some scenes are clipped from the season 20 premiere of "Law & Order". The longest-running crime drama series will be back on Friday, September 25 with the episode where a young war veteran Greg Tanner is found murdered in a Hudson University parking garage. Cyrus and Kevin put their suspicion over an attorney who formerly worked for the Department of Justice.

In the first half-hour, Cyrus and Kevin Bernard investigate crimes and apprehend suspects under the supervision of their precinct lieutenant, Anita. In the second half-hour, the focus shifts to the criminal courts as Chief Assistant District Attorney Michael Cutter and the Executive Assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa work within a complicated justice system to prosecute the accused under the guidance of the no-nonsense District Attorney Jack McCoy.
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