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Paris Hilton Is Certainly "The Hottie"

December 07, 2006 04:23:39 GMT

Hottie and the Nottie, The picture
Seemingly eager to develop her career as an actress, Paris Hilton has nabbed her next acting stint in "The Hottie and the Nottie", a rom-com feature coming from Summit Entertainment.

Originally planned to roll in September before being slated for beginning-of-January production start, the project sees Hilton's character refuses to marry her longtime boyfriend until he can find the perfect match for her not-so-pretty best friend.
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Newlyweds TomKat Planning Another Wedding Party

December 07, 2006 03:49:33 GMT

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can never have enough of only one marriage celebration. The newlyweds reportedly are planning to hold another wedding party to take place this weekend, Dec 9th to be exact.

The bash, about to be held at the home of Cruise's producing partner Paula Wagner, is "for friends (who) were not able to attend the wedding in Italy," Arnold Robinson, a spokesman for Cruise, told The Associated Press on Wednesday Dec 6th.
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2006 National Board of Review Awards Winners

December 07, 2006 03:31:05 GMT

Letters from Iwo Jima picture
Holding the first major award event of the Oscar season, National Board of Review picked up notable film titles and names as the honorees at its 77th Annual National Board of Review Awards on Wednesday, December 6.

For Best Film 2006, the organization cast its choice on "Letters from Iwo Jima", the second half of Clint Eastwood's two-part look at World War II, placing it on the top spot of its Top Ten Film list which includes "Babel," "Blood Diamond," "The Departed", and "Little Miss Sunshine."
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Most Women Fantasize About Daniel Craig While Making Love to Their Partners

December 07, 2006 02:39:45 GMT

His being the first blonde Bond in "Casino Royale" has resulted in many negative response. Nonetheless, that role has also helped launching Daniel Craig into the galaxy of superstardom. Thanks to the success of the flick that not only he has become a hot commodity in Hollywood, but also turned into a sought after movie star. On top of all, he has become the darling of many women.

In a recent Internet poll, Craig's name is on the top number one as man most women fantasize about while making love to their partners. His being on the top spot of the poll obviously leaving X Factor judge Simon Cowell on second place. Ranked 3rd on the poll of 1,000 adults is Jesse Metcalfe, followed after by David Beckham at 4th and Brad Pitt at No. 5.
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George Clooney Tags Along With "Innocent Man"

December 06, 2006 09:56:40 GMT

George Clooney really has a lot of works to do for the couple years. Previously agreed to star in "White Jazz" while set to direct "Belmont Boys", the striking actor now is preparing himself to produce "The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town."

Alongside his Smoke House partner Grant Heslov, Clooney will join forces with Warner Independent Pictures to develop the project following their successful attempt to pick up the rights to make it based on John Grisham's nonfiction novel of the same title.
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Chris Kentis and Laura Lau Head to "Indianapolis"

December 06, 2006 09:29:15 GMT

Determined to get its film project "Indianapolis" come to the surface rather quickly, Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up director Chris Kentis and producer Laura Lau to team up together in developing the flick, an adaptation from Douglas Stanton's book "In Harm's Way."

As the film focuses on WWII's U.S.S. Indianapolis which got sunk by a Japanese sub, Kentis is assigned to provide a backstory on why the ship's distress signal went unheeded, how the survivors were spotted accidentally, and how the military made a scapegoat of the ship's commander Charles McVay III. Meanwhile Lau is set to produce alongside Mark Gordon, Akiva Goldsman, and Betsy Beers.
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Mark Herman Wearing "Striped Pajamas"

December 06, 2006 08:45:49 GMT

Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The picture
English filmmaker Mark Herman is developing a new project for Miramax. The man is about to direct "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" from his own screenplay, Production Weekly has reported.

Based on the best-selling novel written by Irish writer John Boyne, the picture revolves around two young boys of different background who establish a friendship and are caught up in events entirely beyond their control in Germany 1942. Production on the film is scheduled to start in April with taking locations around Eastern Europe.
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Keith Urban Is Not Out of Rehab, Still Undergoing Treatment

December 06, 2006 08:28:59 GMT

Reports saying Keith Urban has been released from a California rehab center are proven not true. The country crooner, in fact, is still in rehab for alcohol abuse, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

It was reported earlier that Urban was spotted having brunch with wife Nicole Kidman Sunday Dec 3rd at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Yet, that doesn't mean he's completed his rehab stint.
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Scott Stuber and Mary Parent Crafting High-Concept Comedy

December 06, 2006 07:57:48 GMT

Extending their collaboration, producers Scott Stuber and Mary Parent are both set to develop a comedy feature based on Mike LeSieur's pitch of which rights they have successfully secured.

While details on the project are being kept under warps, it is revealed that the untitled picture will be a high-concept comedy set at a Las Vegas sales convention. Apart from this, no further information provided yet, so stick with this site for the updates then.
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Action Film Hero Jackie Chan Hurt in Fight Scene for "Rush Hour 3"

December 06, 2006 07:36:47 GMT

Playing action hero role is risky instead of easy. Jackie Chan is one real example. The action film star injured his chest while filming the highly anticipated "Rush Hour 3."

Chan, who first injured his chest in March when a stuntman wearing the wrong shoes kicked him while shooting his recent film "Rob-B-Hood", hurt his chest again while filming a fight scene for the next installment of "Rush Hour".
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Luciano Pavarotti Cancels Bergamo Music Festival Appearance

December 06, 2006 07:11:07 GMT

Opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti won't attend this week's Bergamo festival in Italy, it has been confirmed.

Pavarotti actually was expected to attend the Bergamo music festival Wednesday Dec 6th to accept the prestigious Donizetti prize, given in recognition of his interpretations of the opera composer's works throughout the world.
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"Ghost Rider" Site Reloaded

December 06, 2006 06:59:53 GMT

Ghost Rider picture
Making a better version of "Ghost Rider" official website, Sony Pictures has re-launched the film's site, www.sonypictures.com/movies/ghostrider, with a number of additional features which include character bios, trailers, wallpapers, screensavers, synopsis, and two online games.

Scheduled to open in theaters on February 16, 2007, the picture is an adaptation of Marvel's comic book of the same title and presents a stellar cast consisting of Nicolas Cage as the titular character, Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley, and Jon Voight among others.
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Olivia Newton-John Filed Suit Over "Grease" Royalties

December 06, 2006 06:41:03 GMT

Olivia Newton-John filed a lawsuit Friday Dec 1st in Los Angeles County Superior court, suing Universal Music for allegedly failing to pay more than $US1 million ($A1.27 million) in royalties on sales of the "Grease" soundtrack album.

An English-born Australian singer and actress, Olivia starred in the 1978 movie version of the Broadway hit alongside actor John Travolta.
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Beyonce Knowles to Marry Jay-Z?!

December 06, 2006 06:09:40 GMT

Talk is heating up that Beyonce Knowles may marry longtime boyfriend Jay-Z next weekend.

Rumors on the street say that Beyonce is planning to throw a four-day birthday party for Jay-Z. Nevertheless, it is widely believed that the celebration will actually be a wedding. "Beyonce is throwing Jay a four-day birthday party, but it's really a wedding," a source said.
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Don Cheadle Bringing Back Miles Davis to Life

December 06, 2006 06:05:58 GMT

All things have been settled for now to bring the life of jazz legend Miles Davis onscreen. TMZ has delightfully reported that Don Cheadle is finally on board the project not only as the star but also as the director with Cary Brokaw financing it independently.

In the meantime, the film's screenplay will be entrusted to the hands of duo Chris Wilkinson and Steve Rivele, the Oscar-nominated writers known for their works in other biopics like "Nixon" and "Ali."
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