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'Gossip Girl' Scores 14 Nods at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards

June 18, 2008 03:30:25 GMT

Nominations for the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, an awards show presented annually by FOX (United States) and Global TV (Canada), have been unveiled. The program, which honors the year's biggest achievements in music, movies, sports, and television, as voted on by teens aged 12-19, will see teen sensation Miley Cyrus serves as the host.

As for the television category, the CW's teen drama "Gossip Girl", based on the popular novel series of the same name, is the biggest nominee, grabbing a total of 14 nods. It among others is nominated for the categories of Choice TV Show: Drama, Choice TV Actor: Drama, Choice TV Actress: Drama, Choice TV: Breakout Show, and Choice TV: Breakout Star Female.
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Lil Wayne's LP Cracks 1 Million Mark, a Supergroup With T-Pain En Route

June 18, 2008 03:00:01 GMT

Just as it was predicted, Lil Wayne's highly anticipated album has managed to break the 1 million mark for its first week sale. According to Nielsen SoundScan "Tha Carter III", dropped on June 10, has been sold over 1 million copies.

This achievement is not only setting Wayne's new set to become the biggest selling record this year, but also beating Kanye West's "Graduation", outed in 2007, that only reached 957, 000 sale on its first week. The last record that managed to hit the milestone on its early release is 50 Cent's 2005 set, "The Massacre".
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Video Premiere: Plies' 'Worth Goin FED Fo'

June 18, 2008 02:27:00 GMT

Plies has just premiered another new music video from his latest album "Definition of Real" on June 17. The clip, which was made for the rapper's third single "Worth Goin FED Fo", is dedicated to the people who waste their life because dealing with drugs.

The clip starts with the graphic warning of the song's explicit lyrics and also the dedication letter. Just like its theme, the video sees Plies as a major and successful drug dealer who finally ends up being arrested by the police.
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50 Cent and Ciara Not Engaged or Married

June 18, 2008 02:26:53 GMT

While the celeb-gosip blogosphere is already afire with rumors of a possible hush hush nuptials that 50 Cent and his rumored lover Ciara might have, a representative for the hip hop mogul was quick to issue a denial. Slammed Internet rumors suggesting the recording artists have secretly tied the knot, the representative insisted 50 Cent "is not engaged or married".

Set the record straight on that matter, the representative explained the ring 50 Cent was spotted sporting on his wedding finger which then prompted wedding speculation has something to do with his role in an upcoming film. The representative said, 50 Cent has been billed to play a married man character for the 2009 drama "Streets of Blood" a.k.a. "Microwave Park".
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Scarlett Johansson's 'Barcelona' Exposes Official Trailer

June 18, 2008 02:24:52 GMT

"Vicky Cristina Barcelona", Woody Allen's latest feature film project has become one of the official selection movies in the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. It has been hailed to be a funny movie and the sexiest of all Allen's works. Now, one can judge by oneself whether the claims hold some truth with the release of the movie's official trailer.

Outed by The Weinstein Company earlier, the video footage promoting the tidbit provides viewers with a deeper look into the storyline than the previously released promo trailer. Though it shows lesser raunchy scenes than the promo video, this new trailer exposes how Juan Antonio played by Javier Bardem seduces Vicky and Cristina depicted by Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson respectively and be successful in it. It also displays the intricate relationship between Juan and his former wife Maria Elena portrayed by Penelope Cruz, who still has deep feeling toward her ex, as well as the complication coming along with the four characters' entangled relationship.
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Video Interview: Timur Bekmambetov, James McAvoy and Common Talk About 'Wanted'

June 17, 2008 09:43:26 GMT

In less than ten days, the high-octane action movie "Wanted (2008)" will be making its theatrical debut in the theaters across the country and in support for the promotion of the adaptation film, Universal Pictures have presented future audience with many amazing videos, either from the trailer or from the clips, released earlier. Now, other kind of videos have surfaced and they offer the taped interviews with director Timur Bekmambetov and two of its stars, James McAvoy and Common.

In the individual interviews with Chuck the Movie Guy, the three sat down to discuss their works in the movie as well as the movie itself. The first video interview posted below, Bekmambetov talked about his reason in choosing McAvoy to be the lead actor since he doesn't have the appearance of typical hero, his directing style and the slow motion part used to create the dramatic effect. The second video highlighted McAvoy's discussion over his bulkier appearance and everyone's dream of knocking off annoying co-worker or boss, while in the third video, Common confessed the reason he took the offering of his part, the experience working with Bekmambetov and the overwhelming feeling of working with the A-list actors.
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ZZ Top Tap Rick Rubin for New Album

June 17, 2008 09:27:55 GMT

ZZ Top are set to return to the music scene by releasing their new album since 2003 and for the new project they will tap renown producer Rick Rubin. The news was stated by the rock legend's guitarist Billy Gibbons during an exclusive interview with BW&BK.

Revealing the new album plans to the Canadian metal magazine Billy said, "That starts pretty soon. We just inked a deal with Rick Rubin that will be announced shortly." Expressing his excitement of working with Rick, Billy added, "I'm sure he's got plans to make way to drag us off the touring trail back into the studio, which will be a nice excursion."
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8Ball & MJG Left P. Diddy's Label for T.I.'s

June 17, 2008 08:55:53 GMT

Rap duo 8Ball & MJG reportedly have just made a major decision on their musical career by leaving P. Diddy's label Bad Boy Records and signed for T.I. 's Grand Hustle Records. According to the media, the news was announced by T.I. at his Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash on Saturday, June 14.

Grand Hustle will be the group's third until this year after starting their music career in the early '90s under Suave House Records. The Memphis based duo, decided to move to Diddy's Bad Boy Records in 2004 and marking it with the release of "Living Legends" on the same year.
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'Live Free or Die Hard' Helmer Len Wiseman Tapped for 'Gears of War'

June 17, 2008 08:54:14 GMT

Known for his work in "Underworld" franchise, Len Wiseman has delivered a blockbuster hit with the fourth installment of "Die Hard" series making "Live Free or Die Hard" to be the most successful movie from the franchise. Having proved his talent in tackling the action genre feature film, it would be right to trust the filmmaker with another high-octane action film, and that just exactly what New Line Cinema do.

The husband of the "Underworld" star, Kate Beckinsale, has recently been signed by the studio to helm their latest adaptation film "Gears of War". The 35-year-old has long been rumored to be chosen as the man behind the camera for the action film, but the confirmation on the matter has just come out awhile back. Apart from taking the director seat, in bringing the hit video game to the big screen, he will team up with "Wanted (2008)" scribbler, Chris Morgan with whom he has also work together for "Shell Game", to develop the story.
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Video Premiere: 2 Pistols' 'You Know Me' Ft. Ray J

June 17, 2008 08:08:53 GMT

The new music video for 2 Pistols has just been premiered via Yahoo! Music on June 17. The new clip is made to accompany Pistols' latest single "You Know Me" and was being directed by renown director Dale "Rage" Resteghini.

Just like the song, on the music video Pistols also tapped Ray J to appear on it. The background for most of the scene is a parking lot, where both rappers were seen rapping their lyrics there.
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'The Mummy 3' Villain Badder and Blood Thirstier Than Imhotep

June 17, 2008 07:38:37 GMT

Usually, most filmmaker chooses to keep mum or give merely hints about the details of their upcoming movie, particularly if the film is a potential blockbuster movie. But, that's not the case with Rob Cohen, the director of "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". In a recent interview, the filmmaker has been very generous in sharing many things concerning the forthcoming movie, including about the new villain, that may contain possible spoilers.

Talking to Archaeology Magazine, the 59-year-old exposed that the resurrected Han emperor who becomes the newest foe of the O'Connell family in their latest adventure is way meaner than the resurrected Egyptian high priest Imhotep. By stating that, the "XXX" helmer means that the baddie depicted by kung fu action star Jet Li will easily kill everyone standing in between him and his dream of conquering the world.
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The Rolling Stones Deny Signing With Live Nation

June 17, 2008 07:26:16 GMT

Previous news surfacing in the media stating that The Rolling Stones will leave their label EMI and join Live Nation has now been denied. The band through their spokesperson Bernard Doherty rejected the recent claims and stated that, "We are not in talks with Live Nation in connection with any record deal."

Previously, it was reported that the legendary rockers are about to depart from their current label and sign a deal with the concert promoters. Moreover, the media also claimed that the contract with Live Nation, will give the company the rights to sell the Stones back catalog worth about 3 million, control the band's upcoming tours and merchandising stuffs.
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Just Married, Jamelia and Darren Byfield

June 17, 2008 07:13:54 GMT

Happy news comes from Jamelia and her longtime partner Darren Byfield. The lovers have been engaged since October last year, but it was not until this weekend that they made their union official, holding a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony at the Eastland Estate in West Sussex.

Only a select group of family members and close friends who were invited into the wedding. Jamelia could be seen wearing a beautiful white dress, with full fishtail skirt and flattering v-neck. She carried a blue and white bouquet, which was meant as a tribute to Byfield's former football club Millwall.
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Coldplay Denied Stealing Song, Staged First LP Promo Gig

June 17, 2008 06:59:46 GMT

Coldplay have just denied recent claims stating that the melody for their track "Viva la Vida" was a copy of a U.S. indie band Creaky Boards' song. The British band's spokesperson said that the allegation from the indie band was a false one.

Previously, Creaky's frontman, Andrew Hoepfner, stated his claim to the press that "Viva la Vida" sounds exactly like the song he wrote about a year before Coldplay released theirs. Andrew also said that he believes, Coldplay's singer Chris Martin, overhead their track when he was watching their gig in October 2007 in New York.
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Voice Cast of 'Astro Boy' Announced

June 17, 2008 06:47:59 GMT

It is not a secret anymore that the famous Japanese superhero robot created by the god of manga, Osamu Tezuka, himself, "Astro Boy" will be adapted into a 3-D animation feature film. However, much of the detailed information about the manga adaptation movie, especially those in relation to the voice cast haven't been revealed until now.

In a press release let out by Summit Entertainment and Imagi Studios on Monday, June 16, it has been announced that in addition to Freddie Highmore who has been set to fill the voice of the titular character, other notable actors have been signed to lend their voices for the film's characters. They are Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy and Eugene Levy.
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