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Teaser Trailer Description of 'Terminator Salvation' Leaked Out

June 21, 2008 07:00:15 GMT

Back in early June, many online publications have reported that fans of the "Terminator" series have to wait until the latest Batman movie "The Dark Knight" is debuted in theaters on July 18 before they can get a glimpse into the upcoming "Terminator Salvation". But for those who do not waste any more time in getting a slightest idea about the movie, a detailed description of the film's teaser trailer has leaked out.

The written report has been put out firstly by AICN and it pretty much chronicles the teaser. The description starts by noting that the teaser opens with footage showing people in their everyday life. The background voiceover is filled by Christian Bale who depicted John Connor in the movie and as Connor, he gave introduction by saying, "I always knew it would happen...They told me I could stop it...That I could save us..." while the footage shows people looking into the sky and horrified by what they are seeing.
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Sharon Stone Named the New Face of Italian Jewelry Firm Damiani

June 21, 2008 06:22:34 GMT

Jewelry is women's best friend and Sharon Stone knows that. The movie actress, who has just provoked negative reviews over the controversial "karma" remark she made about China's earthquake at the Cannes Film Festival late last month, is enjoying "good karma" as she's been tapped as the new face of Italian jewelry company Damiani.

Concerning her tapping, Stone will front an international print campaign for the firm's Musts and Masterpieces collection, in which she'll portray aviator Amelia Earhart and Biblical first lady Eve. The jewelry company was set to make an announcement of the new partnership during a press conference in Beverly Hills Thursday, June 19.
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Video: Lindsay Lohan On the Set of 'Labor Pains'

June 21, 2008 06:05:56 GMT

Troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan seems to be back on track on her movie career with a new romantic comedy movie "Labor Pains" on her grips. When the filming started on June 9, she quickly fell into production for the Nu Image/Millennium Films' flick and now, an on-set video showing Lohan shooting for sporty scenes leaked out.

In the video provided by ET Online, the actress known for her works in "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie: Fully Loaded" among others can be seen playing with balls for what appears to be a baseball game scene. The 21-year-old is fully costumed in a baseball jersey while following a full day filming on the particular location in North Hollywood.
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Omarion Signed With Mosley Music Group

June 21, 2008 05:02:59 GMT

After breaking up with his previous label Columbia Records in April, finally Omarion has found a new company. Latest report stated that the R 'n' B singer has signed a deal with Timbaland's label Mosley Music Group, a joint venture company with Interscope Records.

Confirming about the new deal, Omarion stated to the press his delight and excitement over the chance to be working with Timbaland. "I'm really excited about this project. Timbaland is like family to me, so it's always great to work with family and I think this is going to be my best album yet. I'm happy to call Mosley Music Group my new home," he said.
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New Possible Robots Spotted on 'Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen' Set

June 21, 2008 04:51:49 GMT

Before the production of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" kicked off, director Michael Bay has promised to bring out many new and unique robots for the action movie sequel and on the days leading to the start of "Transformers 2" filming, screenwriter Roberto Orci suggested that there will be about 20 robots shared between the two fighting clans. When the movie has finally fallen into production, the buzzes over the robots hyphened everyday and the latest info from the set hinted on another possible robots.

On Thursday, June 19, Ben Wojdyla of Jalopnik.com has reported that two more concept cars have been spotted racing around the "Revenge of the Fallen" set in Philadelphia. The first car is the green Chevy Beat which has been seen previously at the Smithsonian set and the second one is a red 2009 Chevy Trax. The two were caught on camera racing with the 2010 Chevy Camaro SS version of Bumblebee. The first photo posted by Jalopnik.com displays Bumblebee in a race with the Chevy Beat and on the second shows the two Chevys running chest to chest. Whether the two cars are members of the friendly Autobots or the dreadful Decepticons has yet to be unraveled.
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Pleaded Guilty to Assault, Naomi Campbell Sentenced to 200 Hours of Community Service

June 21, 2008 04:50:08 GMT

It appears that Naomi Campbell never learns her lesson and instead let her anger takes control of her mood. The temperamental supermodel was sentenced to 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to assaulting two police officers during an "air rage" incident at Heathrow Airport in early April.

Campbell, who's known for her tempestuous behavior and frequent confrontations with her staff, faces substantial fines and up to six months in jail should she's found guilty to the six offense charges stemmed from an April incident during which she spat at British Airways cabin crew and police who removed her from a flight in handcuffs while waiting on the tarmac at Heathrow. She, nevertheless, managed to avoid jail sentence, pleaded guilty to the charges, admitting to kicking and spitting at police officers after going off at airline staff for losing her luggage.
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Have Set Their Wedding Date, Passing on a Prenup

June 21, 2008 04:04:19 GMT

Winning the Best Talk Show Host award at the 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday, June 20, apparently put Ellen DeGeneres on her best mood ever. To the press, backstage of the festive, the talk show host openly revealed that she and partner Portia de Rossi have set a wedding date.

Ellen was one of the Hollywood lesbian celebs who positively responded to the California Supreme Court's dismissal of the state's ban on gay marriage last month. In the wake of the official dismissal, she announced publicly during the taping of her "Ellen DeGeneres Show" her plan to wed longtime lesbian lover Portia.
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Cassie Tapped Lil Wayne on 'Official Girl' Video

June 21, 2008 03:47:29 GMT

Preparing for the release of her sophomore effort, Cassie gives a special treat on the upcoming LP as on the latest single from the set "Official Girl" she taps Lil Wayne to do some rap tunes. Not only that, the female singer will also feature Wayne on the music video for the song, which has been shot earlier this week in L.A.

Explaining about Wayne's involvement on the video and the single, Cassie told MTV that she's wasn't the one who should get the credit, stating that it was all P. Diddy's effort. "Puff surprised me with it. He laid the verse. I had no idea. I got on the phone and said, 'Thank you.' It's great. With how he's doing now ... he's platinum today, and he decided on his platinum day to be here with me. It's great. He's one of the best rappers out right now."
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Another Look Into 'Burn After Reading' Through Brand New Teaser

June 21, 2008 03:45:41 GMT

It looks like Focus Features do not want to waste much time in promoting their latest drama comedy "Burn After Reading". Hours after the international teaser trailer to Coen brothers' latest movie has been released, the studio have presented another sneak peek into the film through the outing of its teaser trailer.

Compared to the red band trailer and the international teaser, the new teaser can be considered to be the combination between the two. It gives background story to the tidbit like the red band trailer as well as short acknowledgment to each of the leading actors while depicting their characters like the international teaser. The video footage also shows several new footages that haven't been outed before.
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Jamie Lynn Spears Posted First Pics of Newborn Daughter on MySpace

June 21, 2008 03:21:07 GMT

It was just on Thursday, June 19 that Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to her first child with fiance Casey Aldridge. The young actress, nevertheless, has no doubt to share the first image of her newborn daughter, named Maddie Briann, to the public as some pics of the infant have hit the net.

Jamie Lynn apparently is so excited and proud to be a first time mother that she has posted two pics of her baby girl on her MySpace. Along with the photos, the young mother also leaves a message that reads "I can't say it was something I was planning to do right now, But now that it's in my lap and that it's something I have to deal with, I'm looking forward to being the best mom I can be."
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'Spider-Man 4' Targeting May 2011 Release

June 21, 2008 03:11:08 GMT

Answering to the earlier speculation suggesting that "Spider-Man 4" maybe coming out in 2010, filmmakers behind the Marvel's comic books adaptation movie apparently would make fans waiting longer to see their web-slinging superhero back in action on the big screen. They are now aiming to release the fourth installment of "Spider-Man" series in May 2011.

The tentative schedule was revealed by producer Laura Ziskin when she was addressing theater owners from California and Nevada on Thursday, June 19. On the occasion, she also confessed that there was no completed screenplay on hands yet, but she and the studio producing the action movie, Sony Pictures, are hoping that the film will be finished in three years time.
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Video Premiere: Lil Mama's 'What It Is (Strike a Pose)' Ft. T-Pain

June 21, 2008 03:08:03 GMT

Female rapper Lil Mama has just premiered her new music video for the single "What It Is (Strike a Pose)" on FNMTV on Friday, June 20. For the new clip, which was being directed by R. Malcolm Jones, she also tapped T-Pain to feature on it.

The new video is a colorful one as it features some background changes from a house, streets, and a club. The scenes start at Lil Mama's house where she was seen choosing the wardrobe that she will use as she plans to go to the club. Besides that, the clip also features lots of dancing moves which were done by kids and adults.
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Winners of the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Are In

June 21, 2008 02:53:30 GMT

The 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards which was held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday, June 20 witnessed its biggest nominee, CBS' soap opera "The Young and the Restless", won only three awards all at once. The series which grabbed 13 nods for a total of eight categories nabbed the awards for the categories of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for its star Jeanne Cooper, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Kristoff St. John, and the Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design For A Drama Series.

Another big winner at the awards event was talk show host Ellen DeGeneres whose talk show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" won her the Outstanding Talk Show Host award. In addition, the show also won the Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design, Outstanding Directing In A Talk Show/Morning Program, and the Outstanding Achievement in Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing categories.
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Video Premiere: LL Cool J's 'Rockin' With The G.O.A.T'

June 21, 2008 02:33:20 GMT

The new music video from LL Cool J for his new single titled "Rockin' With The G.O.A.T" has just been premiered. The new visual which is being directed by TAJ sees LL playing a role as a boxer.

The clip starts with the rapper entering a gym and starting to do some workouts which also can be seen in most of the scenes. On the end of the music video, LL posts a note written by a famous African American poet Paul Laurence Dunbar that said, "For the man who fails is the man who failed to cry."
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'The Mummy 3' Trailer, More Explosive and Epic Than Teaser

June 21, 2008 02:22:36 GMT

Weeks ago, it was promised that the trailer to the upcoming "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" will be available to be seen along with the theatrical release of "Wanted (2008)" on June 27. Yet, a week prior to the scheduled date, director Rob Cohen has brought much surprise by unearthing the video footage through his official blog.

Compared to the earlier released teaser, the new trailer is more action-packed and exposes more of the epic battle between the army of the resurrected Han emperor and those who want to stop him on realizing his world domination dream. It displays the sword fighting sequences and the action scene where Alex O'Connell avoid the traps built inside the tomb. It also brings out the first look into the monsters, including the fire breathing statue, the yeti and the three-headed dragon.
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