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June 17, 2012

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Radiohead Advise Fans Not to Visit Collapsed Stage

June 17, 2012 06:48:13 GMT

Radiohead have canceled their Toronto concert on Saturday, June 16 night after a stage mishap. The top portion of the stage collapsed hours before the band were due to take the stage, leaving one person dead and three others injured.
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Tone Loc Collapsed While Performing in Texas

June 16, 2012 19:12:14 GMT

L.A. rapper Tone Loc collapsed on stage while performing at his show in Austin, Texas on Friday, June 15 night. Lock was treated for heat exhaustion before returning to the stage half an hour later to finish his show.
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Lindsay Lohan Tweeted About Being Unconscious

June 16, 2012 18:55:33 GMT

Lindsay Lohan takes her unconscious incident lightly, tweeting that she was merely exhausted from the grueling shooting schedule. The actress, who is filming "Liz & Dick", also mentioned about "cute" paramedics.
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Sophie Monks Asks $900,000 Compensation in Car Accident Case

June 16, 2012 18:43:15 GMT

Sophie Monk is suing the man who hit her car three years ago and put her on wheelchair. The model is asking at least $900,000 as compensation of her medical bills, costs of suit and lost earnings.
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Courteney Cox Spends Birthday With Ex-Husband David Arquette

June 16, 2012 18:22:10 GMT

Courteney Cox went to her birthday lunch with the man she's divorcing. The "Friends" star was spotted spending her birthday on June 15 with David Arquette and their 8-year-old daughter Coco in Malibu.
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Report: Drake Could Be Arrested Over Bar Brawl

June 16, 2012 17:35:05 GMT

Despite Drake's denial that he was involved in the bar brawl on early Thursday, June 14, Chris Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos insisted that proofs have been found that Drake was at fault. As a result, Drake could be charged with reckless endangerment.