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April 02, 2010

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Susan Boyle Gives Last Respect for Late Friend by Singing at Her Funeral

April 02, 2010 10:05:13 GMT

Susan Boyle moved mourners at a friend's funeral to tears when she performed "Amazing Grace" at the ceremony. The "Britain's Got Talent" star's pal Molly Burnett passed away in Scotland in March, and her friends and family rallied around to give her a fitting farewell.
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Oasis to Release Wrap-Up Album

April 02, 2010 10:02:33 GMT

Oasis will wrap up their career together by releasing an album featuring their 26 hits. The band, which split in 2009, will release "Time Flies... 1994-2009" in June, and both feuding Gallagher brothers Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher are supporting the project.
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Sam Worthington Thought 'Clash of the Titans' Owl Can Ruin His Career

April 02, 2010 09:59:45 GMT

"Avatar" star Sam Worthington lost his cool on the set of "Clash of the Titans" over a mechanical owl. The Aussie actor came to despise Bubo, a replica of the heroic bird which featured in the original 1981 film, and threatened to destroy it when director Louis Leterrier wasn't looking.
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Kim Cattrall to Play Cleopatra in Native U.K.

April 02, 2010 09:52:34 GMT

Kim Cattrall is returning to her home city of Liverpool, England to play Cleopatra on the stage, according to a U.K. report. The "Sex and the City" star was raised mainly in the U.S. but has never forgotten her roots, regularly returning to the U.K. to star in London plays.
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First Trailer for Bow Wow's 'Lottery Ticket' Unleashed

April 02, 2010 09:46:33 GMT

Winning a lottery ticket worth $350 million should make someone the happiest person in the world, but that is not the case with Bow Wow. In the first trailer from "Lottery Ticket" which is debuted by Trailer Park Movies's MySpace Blog, it can be seen that the rapper/actor gets into an unexpected situation after his neighbors know that he wins the lottery.
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John Malkovich Demands 2.2 Million Dollars From Conman

April 02, 2010 09:35:36 GMT

John Malkovich has gone to court in a bid to reclaim the $2.2 million jailed conman Bernie Madoff took from him. The Pascal Sauvage of "Johnny English" lost a fortune as a former client of the infamous schemer and argues the $670,000 he received from the trustees who liquidated Madoff's firm was not nearly enough.
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Duff McKagan Had Jane's Addiction Debut at Perry Farrell's Birthday

April 02, 2010 09:18:54 GMT

Former Guns N' Roses' star Duff McKagan made his debut as Jane's Addiction's new bassist on Tuesday night, March 30 at singer Perry Farrell's birthday party. The rocker, who has replaced Eric Avery in the reunited group, took to the stage with his new bandmates at Les Deux in Los Angeles and ripped into a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love".
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Rapper T-Pain to Release Christian Pop Album

April 02, 2010 09:16:39 GMT

T-Pain has peeled off a bit about his next studio album, saying that it will take a very different direction. The rapper announced in an interview with MySpace Music that his fifth studio album which will be released after "RevolveR" will be a Christian pop album.
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Janet Jackson: Michael Jackson Was in Very Much Denial

April 02, 2010 09:10:33 GMT

Janet Jackson has opened up about her brother Michael Jackson's drug problems for the first time, revealing the King of Pop's siblings tried many times to force him into rehab. The singer admits the family staged numerous interventions in an effort to help the doomed superstar - but he refused to accept he had an issue.
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Remy Ma May Be Free Sooner Due to Her Positive Appeal

April 02, 2010 08:58:59 GMT

Rapper Remy Ma is moving closer to walking free from New York's notorious Riker's Island prison after receiving positive news regarding her latest appeal for freedom. The hip-hop star was jailed for eight years in May 2008 after she was found guilty of shooting Makeda Barnes Joseph in the abdomen during an altercation in July 2007.
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Ryan Reynolds to Play Undead Cop in 'R.I.P.D.'

April 02, 2010 08:56:09 GMT

Another job has been nabbed by Ryan Reynolds. After cast as Green Lantern and is set to play the lead role in "X-Men" spin-off "Deadpool", he has signed up to star in "R.I.P.D.". Speaking to Collider, producer Neal H. Moritz says the actor will be seen playing a cop who has just died and then works on the Rest in Peace department.
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Michael Jackson's Physician Struggles to Keep His Medical License

April 02, 2010 08:28:18 GMT

A lawyer for Dr. Conrad Murray has urged lawmakers not to suspend the medic's license - because his client is struggling to survive financially following the scandal over Michael Jackson's death. Murray has pleaded not guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter amid accusations he administered the powerful anesthetic Propofol to Jackson, which led to the singer's death in June 2009. He has since been barred from giving patients such drugs.
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Sting Angers Anti-Drug Activists Over Marijuana Campaign

April 02, 2010 08:09:32 GMT

Sting has angered anti-drug groups by adding his name to the campaign to legalize marijuana in America. As politicians in many states, including California, consider legalizing pot, celebrities have come out in support of the suggested legislation. And Sting wants America to spend the money it uses in the war on the drug on poverty and environmental issues instead.
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Bradley Cooper Squating and Running On 'The Dark Fields' Set

April 02, 2010 08:05:36 GMT

Bradley Cooper did not try to have an exercise on the set of "The Dark Fields", but he dripped with sweat when shooting for the film. On Thursday, March 1, sporting casual style, he was seen crouching down on the filming location near Central park in New York City. Later, the actor suited up in a formal outfit just to shoot a running scene on the street.
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Keri Hilson Forgot Lyrics to National Anthem, Blamed Audio

April 02, 2010 08:04:26 GMT

Keri Hilson feels bad for forgetting the words to national anthem during Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Games on Wednesday, March 31 night. She tweeted, "LMAO bad sound can really distract U!! Well it happend 2 Aretha [Franklin] & the best of em!! EEK!!"
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Heather Mills Denies Telling Lie in Court

April 02, 2010 08:00:09 GMT

Heather Mills has been accused of lying in court over allegations she fell out with her former nanny Sara Trumble about a breast enhancement procedure. The reality TV star took to the stand at an employment tribunal case on Thursday, April 1 and told the court her relationship with the child carer broke down when Trumble asked her for $6,000 for cosmetic surgery.
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Aaron Carter Proposed to Student Girlfriend in 'Wonderland'

April 02, 2010 07:58:29 GMT

Aaron Carter is engaged to marry his student/dancer girlfriend Maile Hochuli, Star Magazine reported. The 22-year-old singer/actor is said asking for Maile's hand in marriage at the theater when the two were watching Johnny Depp's "Alice in Wonderland" on the last weekend in March.
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Jesse James Told Sandra Bullock He Had Affairs With 7 Women

April 02, 2010 07:25:52 GMT

Sandra Bullock has been led into further devastation as her husband Jesse James has reportedly come clean about how many women he has been involved with. A source revealed that before heading to sexual rehabilitation, James told the Oscar-winning actress that he got laid with 7 different women.
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Meet the Lesbians of Showtime's 'The Real L Word'

April 02, 2010 07:19:39 GMT

Showtime has released the first image of their reality version of "The L Word". Shared via E! Online, the first picture from "The Real L Word" introduces viewers to the six women whose life as lesbians will be exposed. The cable said it is a "rare, fly-on-the-wall look into the lives of attractive and successful L.A. lesbians".
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Alexa Ray Joel Stunned Fans With Impromptu Concert

April 02, 2010 06:55:24 GMT

Billy Joel's singer daughter Alexa Ray Joel stunned revelers at a New York City lounge during a recent night out, as she took to the stage for an impromptu concert. The 24-year-old star, whose mum is supermodel Christie Brinkley, had warmed up her vocals during a recording session for her upcoming album - but she wanted to showcase her songs and decided to treat the crowd at the Marcel Hotel's Polat Lounge in Manhattan to a surprise set.
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'Iron Man 2' Has a Bunch of New Images

April 02, 2010 06:52:56 GMT

After launching "Iron Man 2" official website, Paramount Pictures has updated the site with many new pictures. Beside featured in a number of production images, main characters such as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Ivan Vanko/Whiplash are exposed individually in promo photos.
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LeAnn Rimes Not Urging Eddie Cibrian to Divorce His Estranged Wife

April 02, 2010 06:40:39 GMT

LeAnn Rimes' representative has dismissed a U.S. tabloid report alleging the singer/actress has offered to help boyfriend Eddie Cibrian pay for a quickie divorce from his estranged wife so they can wed this summer. Rimes and Cibrian became romantically involved in 2009 during filming for TV movie "Northern Lights", while both stars were still married to their respective partners.
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Splitting From Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez Has a New Guy

April 02, 2010 06:25:56 GMT

Jonas Brothers are not going to have a triple date anytime soon. People reported that Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez have split again although they never confirmed to have rekindled the romance. A source said that they decided to call it quits early March due to busy schedule.
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Kenneth Branagh Provides Updates on 'Thor' Production

April 02, 2010 05:48:27 GMT

Though shooting for "Thor" has been kicked off early this year, little information has been obtained from the set. Recently, Kenneth Branagh sat down with Los Angeles Times to explain the production process of the film.
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Janet Jackson's 'Nothing' Music Video Released

April 02, 2010 05:46:40 GMT

On the brink of the movie's theatrical release in U.S., Janet Jackson has premiered the music video of "Why Did I Get Married Too?" soundtrack. "Nothing" clip, which is directed by Tim Palen, offers visual effects using glasses walls and relies on close shots of Janet. Scenes from the movie, particularly that of Janet's Patricia, are intercepted.
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Ricky Gervais Certain Jamie Oliver's U.S. TV Show Will Flop

April 02, 2010 04:56:18 GMT

Ricky Gervais is convinced celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's new U.S. TV show about healthy eating is doomed to fail - because Americans enjoy eating foods that make them fat. Oliver has campaigned for years against obesity and unhealthy eating in his native U.K., and now he's attempting to curb poor diet habits with his new U.S. series, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution".
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'Supernatural' 5.17 Preview: 99 Problems

April 02, 2010 04:46:58 GMT

Next on "Supernatural" the Winchester brothers are plagued with "99 Problems". Sam and Dean are outnumbered by demons, but are saved at the last minute by Rob and his townspeople, who are aware of the Apocalypse, and have been training to fight and kill demons.
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Ozzy Osbourne Talks About His Most Sensible Vegas Decision

April 02, 2010 04:42:50 GMT

Hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne scooped a fortune gambling on a slot machine in Las Vegas - but refused to blow his winnings on a wild party. The Black Sabbath's rocker was famed for his wildman antics during the 1970s and '80s, but is adamant gambling was one vice he avoided.
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Ailing Tom Jones Drops Singaporean and Korean Gigs

April 02, 2010 04:36:17 GMT

Legendary singer Tom Jones has scrapped more shows in the Far East after failing to fight off a serious bout of acute laryngitis. The "Delilah" star scrapped two shows in Singapore and the Philippines at the weekend, March 27 and 28, after he was forced to walk off the stage on Friday night, March 26 after just two songs.
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Rihanna Booked to Perform on 'American Idol'

April 02, 2010 04:19:27 GMT

Rihanna is paying "American Idol" a visit next week during the result show of Paul McCartney - John Lennon theme. According to EW, the Barbadian singer will sing "Te Amo" instead of "Rude Boy" which she performed at the recent Kids' Choice Awards. "Te Amo" thus may be the next U.S. single from her "Rated R" album.
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Captain America Finds His Bucky in 'Gossip Girl' Star

April 02, 2010 04:16:34 GMT

Paramount Pictures has added another name on the cast ensemble for "The First Avenger: Captain America". After casting Chris Evans as the title character, the studio has now recruited Sebastian Stan to join the project, tackling the role of Bucky Barnes, so The Hollywood Reporter mentions.
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Pierce Brosnan's Time as 'Bond' Is Done Because of Matt Damon

April 02, 2010 03:51:47 GMT

Pierce Brosnan knew his days as "Bond" were numbered after Matt Damon became the most popular spy at the box office through his "Bourne" franchise. The Irish actor rejuvenated the "007" series in the mid-'90s with his debut in the British spy franchise's "Goldeneye". He went on to play the suave secret agent in a further three films.
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'Vampire Diaries' 1.17 Preview: Shirtless Stefan

April 02, 2010 03:46:30 GMT

"The Vampire Diaries" returns with an episode where Stefan is tortured. When the producers teased earlier this year that Paul Wesley's abs will get more screen time, this would be it.
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'Transformers' Director to Remake 'Rosemary's Baby'

April 02, 2010 03:36:05 GMT

Cult horror "Rosemary's Baby" is set to be reborn - a revered U.S. film critic has confirmed Michael Bay is bringing the spooky classic back to the big screen. It was rumored in 2008 that the "Transformers" director would remake Roman Polanski's 1968 movie, which saw Mia Farrow play Rosemary, a young woman who is pregnant with the Devil's baby.
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Video Premiere: Green Day's 'Last of the American Girls'

April 02, 2010 03:25:33 GMT

As promised by the band, the full-length version of Green Day's "Last of the American Girls" video was debuted on April 1. The video is directed by Marc Webb, the same person who helmed the band's other videos such as "21 Guns" and "21st Century Breakdown".
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Third 'XXX' Movie to Come With Paramount Pictures

April 02, 2010 03:24:58 GMT

Columbia Pictures washes its hands of the new "XXX" movie. The studio which has made the first two movies and planned another installment titled "XXX: State of the Union" in the last few years has decided not to go forward with the upcoming project.
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Elton John to Write Another Musical

April 02, 2010 03:16:12 GMT

Elton John is planning a return to the stage - the "Rocket Man" is ready to write another musical. The singer has previously composed scores for theater hits "Aida" and the "Lion King", as well as "Billy Elliot the Musical", based on the 2000 film, and insists he is eager to begin working on another theater project.
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Eliza Dushku Auctions Off 10-Minute Interview With Her

April 02, 2010 03:09:35 GMT

Actress Eliza Dushku is offering fans a chance to win a 10-minute video chat with her to raise money for charity. The "Bring It On" star has already raised $20,000 by selling screen costumes and designer outfits on auction website eBay and is capping off the sale by offering up a conversation via internet conferencing service Skype.
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Justin Bieber Bought Funny or Die as April Fool's Joke

April 02, 2010 03:03:32 GMT

Justin Bieber just bought himself Funny or Die and renamed it Bieber or Die. "Anything that's not Bieber, dies," the 16-year-old said. The website additionally announced, "Justin Bieber has decided to buy Funny or Die and do with it whatever his tiny little heart desires." The website is then loaded with a string of videos of him which range in duration.
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Robin Williams Apologized to Prime Minister for Mocking Australian

April 02, 2010 02:50:26 GMT

Robin Williams has apologized to Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for mocking the country's citizens - and invited the politician to a strip club to smooth out their spat. Williams caused a stir after branding Australians "English rednecks" during a recent appearance on a U.S. talk show.
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Michael Douglas Tames His Libido

April 02, 2010 02:34:33 GMT

Michael Douglas has finally tamed his libido - after starting a family with Catherine Zeta-Jones convinced him to prioritize his life. The "Wall Street" star's first marriage to actress Diandra Luker was rumored to have ended because of his womanizing ways, but he insists he's the happiest he's ever been since marrying Zeta-Jones in 2000.
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Report: Charlie Sheen Won't Renew 'Two and a Half Men' Contract

April 02, 2010 02:29:08 GMT

Even before he infamously attacked his wife Brooke Mueller during Christmas holiday last year, Charlie Sheen has hinted that he's looking forward to retire from the show business. According to People's sources, the time is now. "Charlie's just done," said a set source. "And he's quietly telling his friends he's not coming back."
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Jennifer Hudson Is New WeightWatchers' Spokeswoman

April 02, 2010 02:24:20 GMT

Jennifer Hudson is hoping to inspire others to shed the pounds as the new spokeswoman for WeightWatchers. The voluptuous "Dreamgirls" star has been sticking to the firm's healthy lifestyle plan and has managed to drop 60 pounds (27 kilograms) since welcoming little David Jr., her first son with fiance David Otunga, in August 2009.
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'MacGruber' Has Another Funny Red Band Trailer

April 02, 2010 02:21:27 GMT

Another preview to action comedy "MacGruber" has been given in the form of a red band trailer. Opened with scenes which highlight villain Dieter Von Cunth, the video then jumps to capture MacGruber on his mission to stop his sworn enemy. The new age-restricted trailer is an exclusive courtesy of MSN.
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Video: Anna Paquin Comes Out as Bisexual

April 02, 2010 02:02:40 GMT

There's a bunch of celebrities who are featured in the new "Give a Damn" PSA but one stands out for coming out. Anna Paquin, the star of HBO's "True Blood", shocks viewers and reportedly the organizers too, for saying she's a bisexual.