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June 03, 2008

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First Trailer of Meg Ryan and Eva Mendes' 'The Women' Hits the Web

June 03, 2008 09:31:13 GMT

Mary Haines has a rich husband, an adorable 11-year-old daughter, a beautiful country home and a close-knit circle of friends. Her life is perfect, or so her friends thought. Through the first trailer of "The Women" that has been released online earlier by Picturehouse Entertainment, viewers are being brought to see glimpses of Mary's life when her not-so-perfect life is being unearthed.
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David Gilmour Glastonbury Snub Denied by Organizers

June 03, 2008 09:26:12 GMT

Previous news saying that the Glastonbury Festival organizers have snubbed David Gilmour to perform at the event because he was too old, has now been denied by one of the organizers, Michael Eavis. Michael who was previously being named as the one who rejected David's wish to play at the event, revealed that the reason he turned down the legendary rocker because there are no space left for a new performer.
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Lil Jon's Crunk Energy Drink to Debut New Flavor

June 03, 2008 08:54:03 GMT

Is on recording hiatus following the bankruptcy of one of his record labels TVT Records, Lil Jon is expanding his other business empire. The rap artist is having his energy drink Crunk adds a new flavor into its line.
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Action-Oriented Eric Bana to Go Back to His Comedy Root

June 03, 2008 08:40:16 GMT

He has portrayed a U.S. special military member in "Black Hawk Down". He starred as the huge green superhero in "Hulk". He battles the legendary Greek hero warrior, Achilles, in "Troy" and leads the assassinations of eleven Palestinian notable people to avenge the 1972's Munich Massacre in "Munich". Now, Eric Bana is said to be going to show his comedic side.
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Coldplay's Kylie Minogue Duet Track Yanked From New LP

June 03, 2008 08:28:23 GMT

Fans of English rock band Coldplay will have to hold their expectation to hear the band's recent collaboration track with pop singer Kylie Minogue, as the rockers decided to exclude it from their new album. The band said that the collaboration single was just "too sexy" to be put on "Viva la Vida".
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The Olsen Twins Working on New Collection of Jewelry Designs

June 03, 2008 08:04:20 GMT

The Olsen twins are taking their love for fashion into the next level with a venture into jewelry designing. Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen both admire jewelery designer Robert Lee Morris and that being so are teaming up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America award-winning jeweler to create a collection of accessories for their Elizabeth and James clothing company.
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Japanese Manga 'Death Note' to Be Made Into American Movie

June 03, 2008 07:52:44 GMT

Nowadays, Hollywood movie industry seems to be putting high interest on adapting Japanese manga into live-action movies. With "Dragon Ball Z" in the final process of being brought to the big screen, another manga adaptation is planned to be developed.
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LL Cool J to Release His First Ever Mixtape

June 03, 2008 07:46:10 GMT

Besides releasing his new LP "Exit 13", LL Cool J will treat his fans with another project this year, which is his first ever mixtape called "The Return of the G.O.A.T." The hip-hop artist confirmed that news to the press stating that the mixtape, which he works with DJ Kay Slay, is finished and ready to be released.
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Snoop Dogg Works on a New Mixtape

June 03, 2008 06:49:58 GMT

Still working to finish his new record "Malice in Wonderland", Snoop Dogg already adds another project on his list. The rapper has stated to MTV that he will be making a new mixtape teaming up with DJ Drama. Confirming that news, Snoop said, "It's gonna be a mixtape with just me and Drama."
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'Transporter 3' Obtained by Lionsgate, Got Release Date

June 03, 2008 06:39:19 GMT

The third installment of Luc Besson's action film "The Transporter" about former special forces operative offering secured transporting service will be coming out sooner than expected. On Monday, June 2, Liongates Film announced that they have acquired the North American distribution rights of "Transporter 3" and scheduled it to be screened in 2008.
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Queen Latifah to Launch Her Own Signature Scent

June 03, 2008 06:27:28 GMT

Queen Latifah is the latest Hollywood celebrity to jump on the fragrance bandwagon. The actress-rapper has signed a deal with Florida-based Parlux Fragrances to create her own signature scent, which is expected to hit the market in fall 2009.
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Jesse McCartney Plans a Duet With Leona Lewis

June 03, 2008 06:15:21 GMT

Jesse McCartney has become the latest artist struck by Leona Lewis fever. Following the footsteps of P. Diddy and Whitney Houston, the pop singer stated that he also wants to collaborate with Leona. Jesse confirmed that news to the press, saying, "I've tried to get my people talking to her people because I'd love to do something with her as a duet."
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Lindsay Lohan to Launch Perfume Range

June 03, 2008 05:12:57 GMT

Is an actress and singer, Lindsay Lohan is looking forward to trademark her name to yet another product. She reportedly is planning to launch her own range of perfume just like what many of her fellow celebrities have done.
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5 Clips and Behind-the-Scene Video of 'Zohan' Available

June 03, 2008 05:05:53 GMT

In about three days, on June 6, "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" is going to make its theatrical debut. Gearing up to present a challenge to its competitor "Kung Fu Panda" which will be having the same release date, five new clips and behind-the-scene video of the comedy film by Dennis Dugan can be found on the net.
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Johnny Depp and Tim Burton to Collaborate Again in 'Dark Shadows'

June 03, 2008 04:09:28 GMT

Together, Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton have brought to the silver screen many remarkable and haunting feature films, including "Edward Scissorhands", "Sleepy Hollow" and "Sweeney Todd", and it seems that they may be on the path to once again collaborate for another movie. Recently, an interesting news surfaces suggesting that the two possibly are going to tackle a horror film project "Dark Shadows".
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Tori Amos Splits With Label to Go Indie

June 03, 2008 04:00:49 GMT

While many young musicians are trying very hard to get a contract deal with a major record label, the opposite thing is being done by Tori Amos. The female rocker has made a surprising decision by ending her courtship with her label Epic Records and chosen an independent path for her new LP.
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Michelle Monaghan and Husband Peter White Expecting Their First Child

June 03, 2008 03:51:35 GMT

Is a movie actress, Michelle Monaghan could soon add motherhood into her resume as she's pregnant with her first child with husband Peter White. A representative for her confirmed the good news to People, saying the couple "are very excited."
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Missy Elliott to Change New Album's Title?

June 03, 2008 03:18:19 GMT

A new rumor regarding the title and release date of Missy Elliott's upcoming album has just surfaced in the media. After earlier reports said that Missy has decided to name her new LP "FANomenal", Rap-Up.com has claimed that the name will be changed into "Block Party".
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New Awaken Trailer for 'Incredible Hulk' on the Net

June 03, 2008 03:12:22 GMT

Another special promotional trailer to the highly anticipated "The Incredible Hulk" has appeared online. The new video footage is entitled "Awaken" and it delivers a retro look with the misty quality of a '70s film. Considerably short for a trailer, this compilation of clips is said to be a part of a special DVD promo at Best Buy.
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OK! and People Magazines in Bidding War to Get Brangelina's Twins' Pics

June 03, 2008 02:57:28 GMT

The babies have not yet born, but the bid for their pics has begun. The bidding war to win the first pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins is getting rife with OK! and People magazines as the two highest bidders. And the bidding itself is currently at $15 million.
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Lindsay Lohan Turned Down 1 Million Dollar Offer to Come Out as a Lesbian

June 03, 2008 02:37:51 GMT

Rumors are mounting that Lindsay Lohan has been offered $1 million deal to come out of the closet as a lesbian and confirm her alleged romance with DJ Samantha Ronson. Well, it appears that she is lesbian for the right price as new report has just surfaced that she turned down the offer, which was made by OK! magazine.
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Video Premiere: Plies' 'I'm Da Man' Ft. Trey Songz

June 03, 2008 02:29:46 GMT

Getting close to the release date of his new LP "Definition of Real", Plies has just premiered a new music video on June 2. The new clip was made to accompany the rapper's song titled "I'm Da Man" and just like the single, the video will also feature Trey Songz.
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Intense International Trailer of 'X-Files: I Want to Believe' to Be Seen

June 03, 2008 02:27:09 GMT

A brand new trailer promoting the forthcoming sci-fi thriller movie "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" has been making its way to the net. Timed at 1:38 minutes, the Russian language video footage is considerably short for a trailer, but it still presents hair-rising and creepy scenes to the viewers.