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April 08, 2005

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Aimee Osbourne Attacked by Cancer Scare

April 08, 2005 04:00:59 GMT

Ozzy Osbourne eldest daughter Aimee has scared she's having breast cancer because she's found a lump in her breast. That's why her mother Sharon Osbourne took her back to Los Angeles where she has undergone surgery and tests to determine whether she has breast cancer.

Aimee did got an operation to remove the lump, but there have been a few minor complications that she will be having more treatment and lots of rest over the next few weeks, Sharon explained.
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Tim Hasselbeck Fathers a Daughter

April 08, 2005 03:51:25 GMT

Washington Redskins quarterback Tim Hasselbeck and his "The View" cohost wife Elisabeth have welcomed their new baby girl on April 6, 2005. The baby named Grace Elisabeth, weighed in at seven pounds, eight ounces and shares her birthday with her father.

"Both Elisabeth and I are extremely excited and we're so happy that everyone is healthy," Tim Hasselbeck said in a statement.
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Janssen will Evolve New Character in "X-Men 3"

April 08, 2005 03:39:10 GMT

Dutch actress Famke Janssen has signed up to repeat her X-Men role in the movie franchise's third installment. Her role Jean Grey has literally died at the end of X2, and so she's going to play a new one in X-Men 3.

In the movie, which is schedulled to begin shooting this summer, for a May 26, 2006, US release, Janssen will play the role of Phoenix. Other stars onboard for the third installment of the Marvel Comic adventure include Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Patrick Stewart.
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Fallon Play in Farrelly Brothers Baseball Movie

April 08, 2005 03:23:07 GMT

Farelly brothers, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, have debuted their baseball movie "Fever Pitch" at Fenway Park on April 6, 2005. The movie stars Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, is a romantic comedy about an obsessed Red Sox fan and his girlfriend.

To support the movie, players of the Red Sox also had a brief scene in it. Other Red Sox attending the movie launch were Tim Wakefield, Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon, Trot Nixon and David Ortiz.
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Bundchen Launches "Sexy" Book

April 08, 2005 03:08:52 GMT

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is more than ready to launch her new book "Sexy" which has her Victoria's Secret shots in it. The beauty has had an exclusive launch party for "Sexy" featuring a number of photographs of scantily-clad beauties- on April 5, 2005.

Speak about her "Sexy" launch, the Brazilian beauty says "It was like two different photographers, and shot in three different locations and it was really fun to do. There were 12 beautiful girls in it. It was great."
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Pitt's Publicist Untrue Report of Romance

April 08, 2005 02:49:13 GMT

Tabloids have speculated for months about a romance between Pitt and Angelina Jolie, following the actor and wife Jennifer Aniston issue on their separation. In April 18 issue US Weekly writes on its cover "It's True!" over separate photos of Pitt and Jolie. The article quotes employees of a California hotel who claim they saw the two actors being affectionate.

Though it is so, still the media reports remain "completely untrue" for Pitt, whose publicist Cindy Guagenti, said in a statement to syndicated entertainment show "Access Hollywood" for a report that aired Thursday April 7, 2005. Further, a source claims US Weekly has made use its popularity to confirm their stories, whether they are true or not, just the way many other tabloids that make so much money do.
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Lohan Denies Reports She's Dating Christian Slater

April 08, 2005 02:33:03 GMT

Singer and actress Lindsay Lohan has slamed reports saying she's secretly dating actor Christian Slater. Moreover, the 18 years actress also denies media claims Slater has regularly visited her trailer on the Los Angeles set of her latest movie "Just My Luck."

The actress even says she's disgusted by the insensitivity of journalists who have spread the rumor just two months after Slater divorce with Ryan Haddon. This denial is strengthen by Lohan publicist who comfirms Slater visits the head of photography instead of visiting the actress.
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Duff Sisters to Play "Material Girls"

April 08, 2005 02:16:10 GMT

Lizzy Maguire star Hilary Duff and her less famous sister Haylie Duff are going to play a new movie entitled "Material Girls," which is inspired by the Madonna song of the same name and is being financed by the Material One's Maverick Films. The film, which production takes place in Los Angeles in April, will picture the siblings as celebutante heiresses who lose their cosmetic fortune to scandal and try to solve the crime of their financial loss.

Moreover, sometime Hilary will also record a cover of Madonnas "Material Girl" for the soundtrack.