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Reid Finds New Beau ???

April 19, 2005 02:58:01 GMT

Hollywood actress Tara Reid has recently been spotted to get intimate with "Desperate Housewives" actor Jesse Metcalfe at Us Weekly's Young Hot Hollywood party. A source even tells Web site PageSix.com, "They hung out, flirted and left together." Does the movie beauty already find her soulmate ??? Who knows ?!

Foxx Makes Time's Most Influential People

April 19, 2005 02:41:36 GMT

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has been listed on Time magazine's most influential people along with president George W. Bush and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. Explaining the poll, the magazine's editors said that the list has included rappers, designers, world leaders and a tsunami survivor, all of whom have shaped the world in some way. Moreover, those listed in the poll are they profiled by people who have themselves been in the spotlight. Listed also in the poll are talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank and rap star Jay-Z.

Sandra Oh Filed for Divorce from Payne

April 18, 2005 03:31:24 GMT

"Sideways" co-star Sandra Oh filed for divorce from husband Alexander Payne, whom she married with in January 2003. The 44-year-old star has filed her divorce petition Friday April 15, 2005, in Los Angeles Superior Court and asked for spousal support.

Ted Nugent Speaks at the NRA's Annual Convention

April 18, 2005 03:17:30 GMT

Rocker Ted Nugent attended the National Rifle Association (NRA)'s annual convention Saturday April 16, 2005, urged its members to be "hardcore, radical extremists demanding the right to self defense." Further Nugent said that each NRA member should try to enroll 10 new members over the next year and associate only with other members. Sang and played a guitar painted with red and white stripes for the crowd at Houston's downtown convention center, the star told gun owners to never give up their right to bear arms and should use their guns to protect themselves if needed.

Outkast Settles with Rosa Parks

April 18, 2005 02:34:59 GMT

Hip-hop group Outkast have settled their long dispute with icon Rosa Parks, who is known for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus to a white woman, over the use of her name for the song "Rosa Parks" off the duo's Aquemini album.

The points of the settlement mention among others that Parks will live in comfort for the rest of her life, she will be well taken care of, and that a music CD will be produced by Sony BMG, with OutKast among the performers. Moreover, the settlement also promises for a television tribute in honor of Parks who has made America a better place for all races. A DVD of the program, in addition, will be distributed to thousands of schools.

DMX Arrested in Car Crash

April 18, 2005 02:13:19 GMT

Rap star DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was arrested for driving with a suspended license after his car crashed into a police cruiser off the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx. The 34 years old star crashed his car into the back of another vehicle which then hit the police cruiser.

The crash caused the driver of the first car, who is a woman, got a minor injuries and was treated at the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in the Bronx. Report mentioned the two police officers were also treated for minor injuries. Police said on Saturday that DMX was arrested, charged with driving with a suspended license, but was then released.

Affleck Seeking Actors for his Directional Debut

April 16, 2005 03:43:53 GMT

Actor now-turning director Ben Affleck is seeking two actors to take the leading roles in his big screen directorial debut "Gone, Baby Gone" which is adapted from Dennis Lehane's best-selling book of the same title. Affleck, who had also directed a short film entitled "I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her On A Meat Hook, And Now I Have A Three-Picture Deal At Disney" while was at college in 1993, plans to start shooting the movie in Boston, Massachusetts, this autumn for Disney Pictures.

Magic Johnson Testifies in Fraud Trial

April 16, 2005 03:28:50 GMT

Retired basketball star Magic Johnson has been called to testify against the president of a speakers agency, Alan Walker, who allegedly cheated him out of $30,000. Johnson was the latest celebrity to take the stand in federal court in White Plains against Walker, who is accused of 68 counts of fraud for failing to pay the people he booked through his Program Corporation of America.

On court Friday April 15, 2005, Johnson testified that Walker's firm booked him to speak on November 19, 2002, at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Ill. He was paid $5,000 up front, with $30,000 more to come. Later the athlete realized that he's been cheated as he hadn't been paid, even though the booking firm had been paid by the university, instead of being given a variety of excuses.

Murphy to Pose for US Troops

April 16, 2005 03:11:41 GMT

"8 Mile" actress Brittany Murphy has agreed to pose for a sexy photo shoot for American men's magazine Maxim, whose editor promised her to send 40,000 copies bearing a personal message from her to US troops stationed in war-torn Iraq. Murphy, who once sent her cousin who is serving in the Marines a special photo shoot, is very pleased to be doing her bit to encourage the soldiers serving thousands of miles away from their loved ones and "Taking that picture was the least that I could possibly do," she says.

Jessica Alba Engaged?

April 16, 2005 02:54:59 GMT

Actress Jessica Alba has recently been spotted wearing a sparking ring on her wedding finger, raising speculations on her engagement to boyfriend Cash Warren. Is the sexy star planning to take a trip down the aisle ???

Answering the speculation Alba's representative insists the star isn't engaged. She states "She's had the ring for a while, usually wears it on her right hand, but it was swollen (from flying), and she switched it." Alba, to add, says the ring is "a gift", but refuses to reveal who handed it to her.

Baby Sex Quote Infuriated Spears

April 16, 2005 02:43:57 GMT

Pop diva Britney Spears slams Daily News over its report on her unborn baby sex quotes, which according to the tabloid accidentally revealed by the star publicist Leslie Sloane. This also obviously drew Sloane mad and so Thursday she accused the Daily News of publishing lies.

Moreover, Sloane says "The News made that quote up - I never said that. I don't know the sex of Britney's baby. I am shocked they would blatantly print a lie and attribute the lie to me." In relation with this report, Spears' lawyer Marty Singer has reportedly been in talks with the Daily News and a correction was printed Thursday.

Lawsuit Against Eminem Dropped

April 16, 2005 02:23:59 GMT

A lawsuit against Eminem brought by sanitation worker Deangelo Bailey, who accused the rapper for invading his privacy by publicizing unreasonable information that put him in a false light, has been dismissed. Bailey filed the lawsuit in 2001 due to Eminem's "Brain Damage" released on 1999's "The Slim Shady LP," in which the rapper mentioned Bailey beat him up in a school bathroom, banging his head on a urinal and choking him.

Bailey, on the other hand, admitted that he picked on Eminem, but said he merely "bumped" him at school and threw a "little shove." Nevertheless, the state appeals court claimed in an opinion released Friday, the song of "Brain Damage" shouldn't been taken literally and that Bailey failed to present a genuine factual issue in the suit, so they came to a decision, which was dismissing Bailey's case.

Cattrall Goes for Bacardi Deal

April 15, 2005 04:50:03 GMT

Actress Kim Cattrall has signed a deal with Caribbean alcohol giant "Bacardi," for which she will appear in both print and television advertisements of its new cocktail range Island Breeze. Explaining on her deal, Cattrall says she has always enjoyed cocktails socially, but been conscious of both the calories and drinking in moderation so that she agreed to endorse Island Breeze.

Chris Klein Faces DUI Charge

April 15, 2005 04:17:35 GMT

"American Pie" actor Chris Klein will be arraigned in San Diego County later this month on two counts of drunken driving. The 26-year-old actor was arrested by San Diego County Sheriff's deputies on February 5, 2005, following his last month charges of two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.20 and above, more than twice California's legal limit of 0.08.

Each charge carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail, along with a fine and suspension of license. According to the district attorney's office, Klein is scheduled to be arraigned on April 29, 2005, in the Vista branch of San Diego Superior Court.

D'Angelo Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession

April 15, 2005 04:01:02 GMT

R&B singer D'Angelo pleaded guilty Wednesday April 13, 2005, to charges of marijuana possession and driving under the influence of alcohol, stemming from a January traffic stop in Richmond, Virginia. The singer was fined $250 and ordered to a 90-day suspended jail term for the DUI conviction. He was also fined $50 on the marijuana charge and given a 10-day suspended jail term.

DíAngelo waived his preliminary hearing on another charge of cocaine possession, which is a felony. The singerís driverís license was suspended for a year for the DUI conviction and for an additional six months for the marijuana charge.
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