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"Bring 'Em Home Now!" Said Anti-War Artists

March 21, 2006 08:17:30 GMT

Numbers of anti-war artists, including Michael Stipe, Susan Sarandon, and Cindy Sheehan, have all embarked on a concert as a way to mark the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Held Monday night March 20th, 2006, the so-called "Bring 'Em Home Now!" concert, according to organizers, has successfully sold 3,000 tickets with benefits given to groups campaigning against the war.

"I was raised by peace activists," Moby who was one of the performers said to the crowd at Hammerstein Ballroom. The star, during the bash, accompanied Laura Dawn in a rendition of Buffalo Springfield's Vietnam-era song, "For What It's Worth."

Al Pacino to Star As King Herod in "Salome"

March 21, 2006 03:00:46 GMT

Hollywood veteran actor Al Pacino will star as King Herod in a Los Angeles stage production of "Salome." There in the one-act biblical drama, he will play the king who lusts after his wife's daughter, Salome, the role played by Jessica Chastain.

Meanwhile, actor Kevin Anderson plays John the Baptist, Salome's object of affection and later revenge. Set to direct the project is Estelle Parsons with tickets go on sale March 26.

Former Boyzone Singer Weds Long-Term Partner

March 21, 2006 02:42:54 GMT

Stephen Gately, the former singer of boyband Boyzone, has married long-term partner Andy Cowles Sunday March 19th, 2006 in London. The 30-year-old singer had made an official commitment to Cowles, an Internet entrepreneur, three years ago in Las Vegas.

The private civil partnership ceremony was held at the Goring Hotel and attended by fellow Boyzone stars Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch. Sadly, the band's ex-manager Louis Walsh was unable to attend the ceremony because of illness. Sir Elton John who supposedly was among the guests did not attend as well.

Brangelina Much-Rumored Wedding Proven Fake

March 21, 2006 02:10:07 GMT

Despite the much-rumored wedding between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the couple wasn't seen in the middle of Italy's stunning Lake Como, where local residents, curious tourists and 200 journalists have been waiting to see them tied the knot. Primed for "official duties", Mayor Simona Saladini and police placed to increase security in the area also were left disappointed.

Saladini said she was told Saturday to remain on standby for possible official functions into the evening and so kept the registry office open for an extra five hours, until 6pm. It was unclear whether Brangelina cancels their wedding date or simply moves to another location. Or maybe the rumors sparked simply just rumors? Time will tell then.

Lindsay Lohan Is the New Louis Vuitton Face

March 20, 2006 07:50:09 GMT

"She just got asked to be in the ads. She's going to say yes." So said a source on Lindsay Lohan's choosing as the new face of fashion label Louis Vuitton, replacing model Gisele Bundchen.

The label's head designer, Marc Jacobs, reportedly has asked Lohan to pose for the Autumn/Winter 2006-07 collection. Still according to the same source, the teen actress is a long-time fan of the company and is "extremely excited" about the project.

Rock, Stapp Have Sex Video to Be Further Blocked

March 20, 2006 06:13:14 GMT

A tentative agreement to extend a judge's order blocking the release of an explicit sex video featuring Kid Rock and pal Scott Stapp has been reached between Rock's lawyers and World Wide Red Light District.

And so as the agreement has been reached there won't be another court hearing, so said William Horton, a lawyer for Rock who spoke to The Detroit News. Further the newspaper writes that paperwork to permanently block the release of the tape is expected to be filed early next week.

Judge Stops Sales of Notorious B.I.G. Album

March 20, 2006 05:07:57 GMT

U.S. District Judge Todd Campbell has blocked the sale of Notorious B.I.G.'s breakthrough 1994 album "Ready to Die" after a jury decided Friday that the title song used part of an Ohio Players' 1992 song "Singing In The Morning." Following such decision, Bridgeport Music and Westbound Records, the two music companies that own rights to Ohio Players recordings were awarded $4.2M in damages.

The sales ban issued affects the late rapper's album "Ready to Die" and the title song in any form, including downloads and radio. Though, it was unclear when or how the ban would take effect. Despite such fact, the defendants, Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy LLC, Justin Combs Publishing and Universal Records, plan to appeal.

Rap Group Three 6 Mafia Facing Lawsuit

March 20, 2006 03:43:57 GMT

Oscar winning rappers Three 6 Mafia is facing lawsuit filed by a fan who was injured at one of their concerts. Ramone Williams, who was 19 at the time, claims in his lawsuit that he was beaten as the rap group sang "Let's Start a Riot" at an Aug. 26, 2003, concert at a now-defunct Pittsburgh nightclub.

Further Williams alleged that before the song was over, he was thrown to the floor, hit with a chair, stomped on and kicked in the face, all of which leaving him with a fractured jaw. Based on those facts, he is suing Three 6 Mafia's individual members, Jordan Houston, Paul Beauregard, and Cedric Coleman, the group as a whole and the concert venue.

Lachey to Play A Single Bachelor in A Sitcom Pilot

March 18, 2006 06:49:20 GMT

Nick Lachey to play single in real life, that is something for sure as his divorce with Jessica Simpson is near completion. But Nick plays single on screen, that's something new.

The actor singer will star as a single man named Colin living in Manhattan, in the comedy "She Said/He Said," CW spokesman Paul McGuire confirmed Friday.

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Fathering Again

March 18, 2006 06:21:07 GMT

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington is fathering again. His wife Talinda has on Thursday March 16th, 2006 given birth to a baby boy.

The newly born weighed in at 9-pound, 3-ounce and was named Tyler Lee. To note, Bennington has had two other sons: 10-year-old Jaime with Talinda and 4-year-old Draven from a previous marriage.

Jared Leto to Guest Star on Desperate Housewives?

March 18, 2006 06:07:56 GMT

Hollywood hunk Jared Leto is reported to guest role on the popular hit TV show "Desperate Housewives". The actor reportedly is still in talks with producers to star in as Eva Longoria's Gabrielle's hunky love interest.

Rumors on the street said that he will play a grocery store clerk who falls for Gabrielle. An unnamed source tells US tabloid the Star, "When they were brainstorming about actors, they kept coming back to Jared's name... It's a really juicy role!"

Latin Singer Shakira Goes Immortal

March 18, 2006 04:06:48 GMT

The queen of Latin American pop music Shakira goes immortal. The singer is to be immortalized with a 5-meter (16-foot) iron statue in her home city on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

The idea to build the statue was first popped by German sculptor Dieter Patt, who decided to make the likeness of Shakira after meeting the singer during her world tour.

George Clooney Donates Oscar Gifts for Charity

March 18, 2006 03:41:01 GMT

If you are fans of George Clooney, you should not miss the good chance to get his Oscar goodies, while at the same time do another good deed for other people. The Hollywood heartthrob has donated his bag of Oscar goodies to an auction to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Insists he has no need for the expensive gifts, which are given to the millionaire celebrities simply for attending the annual ceremony, the Oscar winning actor decided to donate all the presents for the ones who actually need financial support.

King of Pop Shuttered Up His Kingdom

March 18, 2006 03:24:03 GMT

The King of Pop goes bankrupt? Well at least his act of closing the house on his Neverland Ranch and dismissed some of the staff there can be considered as an indication that Michael Jackson indeed is going bankrupt.

Officially, Neverland is not closed. But it's not exactly wide open, either. Explaining on the fact, Jackson rep Rayone K. Bain said in a statement late Thursday "It is public knowledge that Mr. Jackson currently resides in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain. He therefore decided to close his house and reduce his work force."

A Ceramic Bowl Painted by Pryor Is Being Auctioned

March 17, 2006 06:46:07 GMT

Richard Pryor has the ceramic bowl, which he painted by himself, auctioned on the Internet for an animal welfare organization. The late actor-comedian painted a self-portrait inside the bowl with the words, "Little Black Man in Big White World."

Pryor sent the bowl to the Geauga Humane Society weeks before his death on Dec. 10. The humane society later on offered to return the bowl to his wife, Jennifer, but she refused and instead suggested the group to use it to raise as much money as possible and endorsed the sale on the eBay auction Web site.
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