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Britney Spears to Tell All in An Explosive Interview with Vanity Fair Magazine

December 22, 2006 07:37:46 GMT

With Kevin Federline threatening to write a tell all book detailing his estranged wife's alleged drug use, her wild partying, and the rumor of her lesbian tendencies in order to earn a buck, Britney Spears has her own version of money-project, a tell all interview.

The pop singer, who is working on her musical comeback, is reportedly plotting to tell all about her disastrous marriage to the aspiring rapper, in an explosive interview with Vanity Fair magazine. Rumors are swirling that Spears wishes to do a Jennifer Aniston type interview. She allegedly wishes to do a post K-Fed "expose" before her comeback.

Scary Spice to Take Eddie Murphy "to the Cleaners" with Help from Don Engel

December 22, 2006 07:00:51 GMT

The paternity battle is still going on between Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy. It seems that things are getting tougher for the former couple. The Scary Spice reportedly has hired a top Hollywood lawyer Don Engel to help her taking the comedian "to the cleaners".

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "Mel is refusing to lie down and let Eddie walk all over her - and this is reflected in her choice of lawyer. She wants to hit him where it hurt the most - in the pocket. They don't come much better than Don."

The Top Entertainers of 2006 According to U.S. Magazine Entertainment Weekly

December 22, 2006 04:41:51 GMT

The cast of the television hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy", including Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Katherine Heigl just to name a few, should be proud as they are all chosen as the Top Entertainers of 2006 by the U.S. magazine Entertainment Weekly. Not only the Emmy-Award winning medical drama has successfully generated more than 20 million weekly viewers, but also it has a cultural impact to them, that's why they deserve the title.

"'Grey's' isn't just a show, it's a phenomenon," said Entertainment Weekly Executive Editor Lori Majewski. "Back in May when last season's final show aired, every place in New York City was empty. You could get a table at the best restaurants," she said. YouTube, the wildly popular Web site where people post videos of anything from themselves singing to comedian Michael Richards shouting racial epithets, also makes the list because it too has a cultural impact beyond its cyberspace borders.

The Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff Doll Hits Stores This Month

December 22, 2006 04:11:01 GMT

Hilary Duff goes real as a doll. The singer-actress is the latest Hollywood star to take on 12-inch proportions as the world's most popular fashion doll, joining the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce Knowles and Lucille Ball among others.

The collection of Duff doll, dubbed "The Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff Doll", shows Duff's likeness in a polka-dot dress with a red satin sash and is scheduled to hit stores this month.

Kylie Minogue Skipped Post-Concert Party to Confront Partner Olivier Martinez

December 22, 2006 03:46:22 GMT

Kylie Minogue is in bad mood these days. The Aussie singer reportedly skipped out on her end of tour celebration party, immediately flew to France to confront her partner Olivier Martinez after he was pictured with model Sarai Givati in Paris.

The singer is said to have boarded a plane soon after her final Melbourne show of her Showgirl Tour, instead of attending the post-concert party. On that encounter a source revealed, "There was supposed to be a huge party...everyone was invited, from her business associates to her parents, to the nurses who cared for her. But Kylie left the concert straight away and went home to pack."

Double Christmas Gift for P. Diddy and Girlfriend Kim Porter

December 22, 2006 03:07:42 GMT

It comes two for P. Diddy and girlfriend Kim Porter who on Thursday morning Dec 21st welcomed the arrival of their twin daughters.

"Diddy received an early Christmas gift! It gives us great joy to announce the arrival of Diddy's twin girls. The beautiful, healthy baby girls were born this morning with Diddy by mother Kim Porter's side," the rapper's representative Robert Zimmerman has confirmed.

Katherine Heigl and Fiance Josh Kelley Planning A Winter Wonderland Wedding

December 22, 2006 02:09:07 GMT

This holiday season apparently breezes good spirit to Katherine Heigl and fiance Josh Kelley as they have just announced a wedding plan. The pair reportedly is wanting a winter wonderland theme for their upcoming nuptial.

Josh approved of the winter theme, telling American publication, "It was Katherine's first idea. Once she started talking about it and what it would look like, I was set." Then the bride-to-be went on adding, "Maybe some horses, sleigh bells. My sister is getting married this coming October, so we're doing that one first and planning hers. I get to kind of learn that way!"

The Top 10 Best Dressed Females According to Life & Style

December 21, 2006 08:57:10 GMT

She has a rising singing career, wealth, popularity, sexy body, and many more. Yet with her being named Hollywood's style queen in a new Best Dressed poll conducted by American publication Life & Style makes her life even more complete.

Singer-actress Beyonce Knowles has been voted the No. 1 Best Dressed Female, besting fellow celebrities, including Mischa Barton, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, and Julianne Moore all of whom ranked 2nd to 5th consecutively.

The Ten Best-Mannered People of 2006

December 21, 2006 08:27:12 GMT

Taylor Hicks is reaping achievement after achievement. Having his eponymous album debuted at 2nd spot on the Billboard 200, tapped to be the grand marshal for the Krewe of Endymion for the 2007 Carnival season, the American Idol champ is earning a new title, the Best-Mannered Man of 2006.

The singer was honored with the title thanks to his example of humility and politeness. Also heading the list, by the National League of Junior Cotillions, an etiquette and social training program that involves thousands of young people in the United States, is Meredith Viera who is at 2nd for the warmth and kindness she extends to "Today Show" guests.

Taylor Hicks Is the Krewe of Endymion's Grand Marshal for the 2007 Carnival Season

December 21, 2006 07:47:29 GMT

American Idol champion Taylor Hicks has a new task besides singing. He's been chosen as the Krewe of Endymion's grand marshal for the 2007 Carnival season.

Also on duty to ride in the parade are singer Al Green and the musical groups Journey and Styx just to name a few.

Brangelina to Quit Showbiz to Focus on Family

December 21, 2006 07:25:54 GMT

"I'm hoping that as we got older, we'll do less films," Angelina Jolie told US chat show host Larry King this week. Is that mean the actress wants to quit acting and focus more on her family she and partner Brad Pitt are building?

Well, judging from what the pair has done so far, it seems that family is something important for the pair. So it is understandable then that both Jolie and Pitt want to spend more time with their children, Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh Nouvel.

Hilary Swank Confirmed She's Dating Her Agent

December 21, 2006 07:07:02 GMT

Newly divorcee Hilary Swank has publicly confirmed she's dating her agent, John Campisi, after she filed for divorce from actor husband Chad Lowe in May.

"I'm dating a great guy. You rely on your friends when you go through something so big. My friends are my family," said the actress.

Kevin Federline to Face John Cena in the Ring

December 21, 2006 06:48:00 GMT

Kevin Federline has something to add to his timetable as he's been scheduled to be in the ring with WWE champ John Cena on New Year's Day in Miami.

On his forthcoming set, K-Fed told The Washington Post that "the real Kevin Federline never backs down from a challenge." The divorce, moreover, feels confident he'll be the winner.

"Lost" Evangeline Lilly's Hawaii Home Lost in A Fire

December 21, 2006 05:03:35 GMT

Evangeline Lilly is hit with bad news. The actress, best known for her action on ABC television's hit drama "Lost", loses her rented home in Hawaii when fire burned it down Wednesday morning Dec 20th.

"Yes, it is unfortunately true that her home in Hawaii burned down this morning," said the actress rep, Cara Tripicchio. "Thankfully, Evangeline is safe as she was on set already when it occurred." Further Tripicchio added, "There is no official statement, and I have no further comment or information to provide at this time."

Was Britney Spears Fooling Around on K-Fed Before They Split?

December 21, 2006 04:33:19 GMT

Britney Spears cheating on Kevin Federline before they got divorced. No way. Yes it's true. The pop singer may have been cheating on K-Fed before she filed for divorce, so rumors on the street say.

A friend of Britney told America's Star magazine she was "fooling around" with music producer J.R. Rotem before she officially split from Kevin last month, saying "J.R. worked with Kevin on his album and something started going on between him and Britney before she filed for divorce."
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