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Slang (Deluxe Edition) : Def Leppard

Slang (Deluxe Edition)
Artist : Def Leppard
Genre : Rock
Label : Bludgeon Riffola
Release Date : February 11, 2014


2Turn to Dust
3Watch Slang Video Slang
4Watch All I Want Is Everything Video All I Want Is Everything
5Watch Work It Out Video Work It Out
6Breath a Sigh
7Deliver Me
8Gift of Flesh
9Blood Runs Cold
10Watch Where Does Love Go When It Dies Video Where Does Love Go When It Dies
11Pearl of Euphoria
12Move with Me Slowly
13Truth? (Original Version)
14Burn Out
15Worlds Collide
16Can't Keep Away From the Flame
17Turn to Dust (Phil Verse Vocal)
18Raise Your Love
19All I Want Is Everything (1st Draft)
20Work It Out (1st Draft)
21Breath a Sigh (Rough Mix)
22Deliver Me (Rough Mix)
23Black Train
24Blood Runs Cold (Rough Mix)
25Where Does Love Go When It Dies (1st Draft)
26Pearl of Euphoria (Rough Mix)
27All on Your Touch (2012 Revisit)
28Anger (Deliver Me 1st Draft)
29Move On Up (Viv Demo)
30Gift of Flesh (Phil Vocal)