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Blur (Special Edition) 2CD : Blur

Blur (Special Edition) 2CD
Artist : Blur
Genre : Rock
Label : Virgin Records
Release Date : July 31, 2012


1Watch Beetlebum Video Beetlebum
2Watch Song 2 Video Song 2
3Country Sad Ballad Man
4Watch M.O.R. Video M.O.R.
5Watch On Your Own Video On Your Own
6Theme From Retro
7You're So Great
8Death of a Party
9Chinese Bombs
10I'm Just a Killer for Your Love
11Look Inside America
12Strange News From Another Star
13Movin' On
14Essex Dogs
15All Your Life
16A Spell (For Money)
17Woodpigeon Song
19Get Out of Cities
20Polished Stone
21Bustin' + Dronin'
22M.O.R. (Road Version)
23Swallows in the Heatwave
24Death of a Party (7'' Remix)
25Cowboy Song
26Beetlebum (Live Acoustic Version)
27On Your Own (Live Acoustic Version)
28Country Sad Ballad Man (Live Acoustic Version)
29This Is a Low (Live Acoustic Version)
30M.O.R. (Live in Utrecht)
31Death of a Party (Live in Utrecht)
32Song 2 (Live in Utrecht)