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The Singles Collection [Deluxe Edition] : Avril Lavigne

The Singles Collection [Deluxe Edition]
Artist : Avril Lavigne
Genre : Rock
Label : Sony Music
Release Year : 2012


1Watch Complicated Video Complicated
2Skater Boi
3Watch I'm With You Video I'm With You
4Watch Losing Grip Video Losing Grip
5Knockin' on Heaven's Door
6Watch Don't Tell Me Video Don't Tell Me
7Watch My Happy Ending Video My Happy Ending
8Watch Nobody's Home Video Nobody's Home
9Watch He Wasn't Video He Wasn't
10Keep Holding On
11Watch Girlfriend Video Girlfriend
12Watch When You're Gone Video When You're Gone
13Watch Hot Video Hot
14Watch The Best Damn Thing Video The Best Damn Thing
15Watch Alice Video Alice
16Watch What the Hell Video What the Hell
17Watch Smile Video Smile
18Watch Wish You Were Here Video Wish You Were Here
19Alone (Bonus Track)
20I Will Be (Bonus Track)
21Get Over It (Bonus Track)