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Twenty Ten : Greatest Hits : Guy Sebastian

Twenty Ten : Greatest Hits
Artist : Guy Sebastian
Genre : Pop
Label : Pid
Release Date : November 19, 2010


1Watch Who's That Girl Video Who's That Girl
2If I Really Loved You
3Watch Like it Like That Video Like it Like That
4Watch All to Myself Video All to Myself
5All I Need Is You
6Angels Brought Me Here
7Watch Out with My Baby Video Out with My Baby
8Oh Oh (Single Version)
9Taller Stronger Better
10Watch Cover on My Heart Video Cover on My Heart
11Closer to the Sun
12Watch Elevator Love Video Elevator Love
13Watch Art of Love Video Art of Love
15Hold on Im Coming
16Climb Every Mountain
17Watch Kryptonite Video Kryptonite
18Watch Never Hold You Down Video Never Hold You Down
19My Beautiful Friend
20Take Me to the River
21All to Myself (Acoustic Version)
22Elevator Love (Acoustic Version)
23Like It Like That (Acoustic Version)
24Art of Love (Acoustic Version)
25Closer to the Sun (Acoustic Version)
26Kryptonite (Acoustic Version)
27Angels Brought Me Here (Acoustic Version)
28All I Need Is You (Acoustic Version)
29Out with My Baby (Acoustic Version)
30Oh Oh (Acoustic Version)