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Pictures: 40 Years of Hits [2CD/DVD] : Status Quo

Pictures: 40 Years of Hits [2CD/DVD]
Artist : Status Quo
Genre : Rock
Label : UME Imports
Release Year : 2008


1Pictures of Matchstick Men
2Ice in the Sun
3Down the Dustpipe
4In My Chair
5Paper Plane
6Mean Girl
8Break the Rules
9Down Down
10Roll Over Lay Down [live]
12Mystery Song
13Wild Side of Life
14Rockin' All Over the World
15Again and Again
16Whatever You Want
17Living on an Island
18Living on an Island
20Don't Drive My Car
21Somthing 'Bout You Baby I Like
22Rock 'N' Roll
23Dear John
24Ol' Rag Blues
25A Mess of the Blues
26Marguerita Time
27The Wanderer
28Rollin' Home
29Red Sky
30In the Army Now
31Ain't Complaining
32Burning Bridges
33The Anniversay Waltz, Pt. 1
34I Didn't Mean It
35Fun Fun Fun
36Jam Side Down
37You'll Come 'Round
38The Party Ain't Over Yet
39Beginning of the End
40It's Christmas Time
41Running All Over the World [DVD]
42Can't Give You More [DVD]
43Sherri Don't Fail Me Now [DVD]
44Restless [DVD]
45I Didn't Mean It [DVD]
46The Way It Goes [DVD]
47Jam Side Down [DVD]
48You'll Come 'Round [DVD]
49Thinking of You [DVD]
50The Party Ain't Over Yet [DVD]
51Beginning of the End [DVD]
52Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) [Scooter vs. Status Quo]