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Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology : Devo

Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology
Artist : Devo
Genre : Rock
Label : Rhino
Release Year : 2000


1We're All Devo! [#]
2Jocko Homo [Booji Boy Version]
3Mongoloid [Booji Boy Version]
4Be Stiff [Stiff Version]
5Uncontrollable Urge
6Watch (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Video (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
7Too Much Paranoias
8Come Back Jonee
9Triumph of the Will
10Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
11Watch Secret Agent Man Video Secret Agent Man
12The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise
13Soo Bawlz
14It Takes a Worried Man
15Watch Girl U Want Video Girl U Want
16Watch Freedom of Choice Video Freedom of Choice
17Gates of Steel
18Watch Whip It Video Whip It
19Snowball [Single Remix]
20Mr. B's Ballroom
21Working in the Coal Mine
22Love Without Anger
23Watch Through Being Cool Video Through Being Cool
24Jerkin' Back and Forth
25Watch Beautiful World Video Beautiful World
26Nu-Tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)
27General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now [#]
29Watch That's Good Video That's Good
30Big Mess
31One Dumb Thing [#]
32Theme from Doctor Detroit [Dance Mix]
34Here to Go [Go Mix Version]
35Are You Experienced?
36I Wouldn't Do That to You [#]
37Bread and Butter
38Let's Talk
39Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini [#]
40Baby Doll [Devo Single Mix]
41Disco Dancer [7 Version]
42Some Things Never Change
43It Doesn't Matter to Me [live]
44Stuck in a Loop
45Post Post-Modern Man
46Head Like a Hole
47Thanks to You
48Communication Break-Up [#]
49Duty Now for the Future! [#]
50The Words Get Stuck in My Throat

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