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Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1 & 2 : Jackson Browne

Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1 & 2
Artist : Jackson Browne
Genre : Rock
Label : Inside
Release Year : 2008


1The Barricades of Heaven
2These Days (Intro)
3These Days
4The Birds of St. Marks (Intro)
5The Birds of St. Marks
6Fountain of Sorrow (Intro)
7Fountain of Sorrow
8Your Bright Baby Blues
9For a Dancer
10Too Many Angels
11For Everyman (Intro)
12For Everyman
13Lives in the Balance (Intro)
14Lives in the Balance
15Looking East (Intro)
16Looking East
17The Pretender (Intro)
18The Pretender
19Take It Easy (Intro)
20Take It Easy
21Never Stop
22The Night Inside Me (Intro)
23The Night Inside Me
24Enough of the Night (Intro)
25Enough of the Night
26Something Fine (Intro)
27Something Fine
28Sky Blue and Black
29In the Shape of a Heart
30Alive in the World
31Casino Nation (Intro)
32Casino Nation
33All Good Things
34Somebody's Baby (Intro)
35Somebody's Baby
36Redneck Friend (Intro)
37Redneck Friend
38My Stunning Mystery Companion (Intro)
39My Stunning Mystery Companion