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The Singles Collection: 1994-1999 : Boyzone

The Singles Collection: 1994-1999
Artist : Boyzone
Genre : Pop/Rock
Label : Polygram International
Release Year : 2000


1Watch Love Me for a Reason Video Love Me for a Reason
2Daydream Believer
3Key to My Life [Radio Edit]
4Key to My Life [Unlocked Mix]
5When Will You Understand
6So Good [Radio Edit]
7Here to Eternity
8So Good [the Deadly Mix]
9Father and Son [Radio Edit]
10Should Be Missing You Now
11Father and Son [live]
12Coming Home Now [Radio Edit]
13Close to You
14Coming Home Now [Steve Jervier Mix]
15Words [Radio Edit]
16The Price of Love
17Words [Alternative Mix]
18A Different Beat [Radio Edit]
20A Different Beat [Remix]
21Watch Isn't It a Wonder Video Isn't It a Wonder
22Experiencia Religiosa
23Get Up and Get Over
24Watch Picture of You Video Picture of You
25Let the Message Run Free
26Words [Spanglish Version]
27Baby Can I Hold You [7 Edit]
28Shooting Star
29Mystical Experience
30Mystical Experience [Remix]
31All That I Need [7 Edit]
32Never Easy
34Workin' My Way Back to You
35Watch No Matter What Video No Matter What
36Where Have You Been?
37All That I Need [Phil da Costa's Oxygen Edit]
38I Love the Way You Love Me [7 Edit]
39Waiting for You
40Let the Message Run Free
41Watch When the Going Gets Tough Video When the Going Gets Tough
42Wonderful World
43Love Can Build a Bridge [Documentary Track]
44Watch You Needed Me Video You Needed Me
45Words Can't Describe
46Megamix (Love to Infinity)
47Watch Every Day I Love You Video Every Day I Love You
48Watch No Matter Video No Matter
49Will I Ever See You