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A Cabinet of Curiosities : Jane's Addiction

A Cabinet of Curiosities
Artist : Jane's Addiction
Genre : Rock
Label : Rhino
Release Date : April 21, 2009


1Jane Says [Radio Tokyo Demo]
2Pigs in Zen [Radio Tokyo Demo]
3Mountain Song [Radio Tokyo Demo]
4Had a Dad [Radio Tokyo Demo]
5I Would for You [Radio Tokyo Demo]
6Idiots Rule [Demo Version]
7Classic Girl [Demo Version]
8Up the Beach [Demo Version]
9Suffer Some [Demo Version]
10Thank You Boys [Demo Version]
11Summertime Rolls [Demo Version]
12City [Demo Version]
13Ocean Size [Demo Version]
14Stop! [Demo Version]
15Standing in the Shower...Thinking [Demo Version]
16Ain't No Right [Demo Version]
17Three Days [Demo Version]
18Ted, Just Admit It... [Demo Version]
19Maceo [Demo Version]
20No One's Leaving [Demo Version]
21My Time [Rehearsal]
22Been Caught Stealing ix Version] [12" Remix Version]
24Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey
25L.A. Medley: L.A. Woman/Nausea/Lexicon Devil [Live 1989]
26Kettle Whistle [Live 1989]
27Whole Lotta Love [Live 1989]
281970 [Live 1989]
29Bobhaus [Live 1989]
30Drum Intro [Live 1990]
31Up the Beach [Live 1990]
32Whores [Live 1990]
331% [Live 1990]
34No One's Leaving [Live 1990]
35Ain't No Right [Live 1990]
36Then She Did... [Live 1990]
37Had a Dad [Live 1990]
38Been Caught Stealing 90] [Live 1990]
39Three Days [Live 1990]
40Mountain Song [Live 1990]
41Stop! [Live 1990]
42Summertime Rolls [Live 1990]
43Ocean Size [Live 1990]
44Mountain Song [DVD]
45City [DVD]
46Had a Dad [DVD]
47Ocean Size [DVD]
48Stop! [DVD]
49Been Caught Stealing [DVD]
50Classic Girl [DVD]
51Ain't No Right [DVD]
52Whores [DVD]
53Then She Did... [DVD]
54Three Days [DVD]