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Odessa (3 CD Deluxe Edition) : Bee Gees

Odessa (3 CD Deluxe Edition)
Artist : Bee Gees
Genre : Rock
Label : Rhino
Release Year : 2009


1Odessa (City on the Black Sea)(Stereo)
2You'll Never See My Face Again (Stereo)
3Black Diamond (Stereo)
4Marley Purt Drive (Stereo)
5Edison (Stereo)
6Melody Fair (Stereo)
7Suddenly (Stereo)
8Whisper Whisper (Stereo)
9Lamplight (Stereo)
10Sound of Love (Stereo)
11Give Your Best (Stereo)
12Seven Seas Symphony (Stereo)
13With All Nations (International Anthem)(Stereo)
14I Laugh in Your Face (Stereo)
15Never Say Never Again (Stereo)
16First of May (Stereo)
17The British Opera (Stereo)
18Odessa (City on the Black Sea)(Mono)
19You'll Never See My Face Again (Mono)
20Black Diamond (Mono)
21Marley Purt Drive (Mono)
22Edison (Mono)
23Melody Fair (Mono)
24Suddenly (Mono)
25Whisper Whisper (Mono)
26Lamplight (Mono)
27Sound of Love (Mono)
28Give Your Best (Mono)
29Seven Seas Symphony (Mono)
30With All Nations (International Anthem)(Mono)
31I Laugh in Your Face (Mono)
32Never Say Never Again (Mono)
33First of May (Mono)
34The British Opera (Mono)
35Odessa (Demo)
36You'll Never See My Face Again (Alternate Mix)
37Black Diamond (Demo)
38Marley Purt Drive (Alternate Mix)
39Barbara Came to Stay
40Edison (Alternate Mix)
41Melody Fair (Demo)
42Melody Fair (Alternate Mix)
43Suddenly (Alternate Mix)
44Whisper Whisper-Part Two (Alternate Version)
45Lamplight (Demo)
46Lamplight (Alternate Version)
47Sound of Love (Alternate Mix)
48Give Your Best (Alternate Mix)
49Seven Seas Symphony (Demo)
50With All Nations (International Anthem)(Vocal Version)
51I Laugh In Your Face (Alternate Mix)
52Never Say Never Again (Alternate Mix)
53First of May (Demo)
54First of May (Alternate Mix)
55Nobody's Someone
57Odessa Promotional Spot