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Live in Gdansk [2 CD/2 DVD] : David Gilmour

Live in Gdansk [2 CD/2 DVD]
Artist : David Gilmour
Genre : Rock
Label : Sony
Release Year : 2008


1Speak to Me
2Breathe (In the Air)
4Breathe (In the Air) (Reprise)
6Watch On an Island Video On an Island
7The Blue
8Red Sky at Night
9This Heaven
10Then I Close My Eyes
11Watch Smile Video Smile
12Take a Breath
13A Pocketful of Stones
14Where We Start
15Shine on You Crazy Diamond
16Astronomy Domine
17Fat Old Sun
18High Hopes
20Wish You Were Here
21A Great Day for Freedom
22Comfortably Numb
23Castellorizon [Video]
24On an Island [Video]
25The Blue [Video]
26Red Sky at Night [Video]
27This Heaven [Video]
28Then I Close My Eyes [Video]
29Smile [Video]
30Take a Breath [Video]
31A Pocketful of Stones [Video]
32Where We Start
33Astronomy Domine
34High Hopes [Video]
35Echoes [Video]
36A Great Day for Freedom [Video]
37Comfortably Numb [Video]
3836 Minute Film Documenting the Solidarity Concert Events
39Shine on You Crazy Diamond [Video]
40Wearing the Inside Out [Video]
41Comfortably Numb [Video]
42On an Island [Video]
43High Hopes [Video]
44The Blue [Video]
45Take a Breath [Video]
46Echoes [Acoustic]
47Barn Jam 166
48Barn Jam 192
49Barn Jam 121
50Castellorizon [Video]
51On an Island [Video]
52The Blue [Video]
53Take a Breath [Video]
54Red Sky at Night [Video]
55This Heaven [Video]
56Then I Close My Eyes [Video]
57Smile [Video]
58A Pocketful of Stones [Video]
59Where We Start [Video]