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The Best of the Roots : The Roots

The Best of the Roots
Artist : The Roots
Genre : Rap
Label : 101 Distribution
Release Year : 2006


1Rock Star
2Malcolm X (Interlude)
3Come Together
4Watch The Next Movement Video The Next Movement
5Thought Is Like Freestyle [J. Period Exclusive Freestyle]
6Watch Clones Video Clones
7Subliminal Minded
8Push Up Ya Lighter
9Push Up Ya Lighter
10Concerto of a Desperado
11Concerto of a Desperado [J. Period Remix]
12Rakim (Interlude)
13Been Thru the Storm
14Superlyricism/R.I.P. Big Pun (Interlude)
16Supposed to Represent (Interlude)
17All in the Music
18Don't Feel Right
19Members of the Band/Proceed II (Interlude)
21Live from the Pj's
22Pj's [J. Period Remix]
23Influences/Native Tongue (Interlude)
24P*ssy Galore
25Stay Cool
26Stay Cool [J. Period Remix]
27De La Soul/Ego Trip (Interlude)
28Watch What They Do Video What They Do
29You Got Me [Me Tienes Remix]
30Me Tienes [J. Period Remix]
31Don't Say Nuthin [J. Period Remix]
32Nuthin [J. Period Stick Up Remix]
33Nuthin [J. Period Shot Ya Remix]
35Adrenaline [J. Period Remix]
36Yes Y'all [J. Period Remix]
37Beat Street/B-Boy (Interlude)
38Thought @ Work [J. Period Remix]
39Crazy Legs/Rock Steady Crew (Interlude)
40Boom!/Wrath of Kane [J. Period Blend]
41Din Da Da [J. Period Volume Remix]
42Rahzel (Interlude)
43Act Too... Love of My Life
44Love of My Life [Remix]
45Streets of Philly
46What You Want
47Like Water [Remix]
48You Got Me [J. Period Remix]
49Jill Scott (Interlude)
50Watch Break You Off Video Break You Off