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The Wiggles Party Collection : The Wiggles

The Wiggles Party Collection
Artist : The Wiggles
Genre : Children's
Label : Koch
Release Year : 2007


1Bow Wow Wow
2Central Park New York
3Cowboys and Cowgirls
4Fly Through the Sky
5I Wave My Arms and Swing My Baton
6New York Firefighter
7Picking Flowers
8Say Aah at the Doctors
9Feeling Chirpy
10Lettuce Sing (Fresh Fruit and Veggies)
11Let's Go Swimming
12The Bricklayers Song
13Tick Tock (All Night Long)
14Can You Dig It?
15Knead Some Dough
16Open Wide Look Inside at the Dentist
17Hey There Partner
18Walking on the Moon
19We're the Cowboys
20Cielito Lindo [Beautiful Heaven]
21The Wiggly Trail
22Listen to the Drummer Playing
23Let's Go to the Great Western Café
24The Master Pasta Maker (From Italy)
25Follow the Bird
27El Pato
28Olive Oil
29Hey Now, Let's Have a Party!
30Fiesta Siesta
31Farewell to the Wiggly Trail
32Wiggly Party
34Little Children
35Move Like an Emu
36La Cucaracha
37Captain's Magic Buttons
38Dance the Ooby-Doo (With Dorothy the Dinosaur)
39Play Your Guitar with Murray
40Marie's Wedding
41Zoological Gardens
42Swim Henry Swim
43Wiggle Hula
44Fun on the Farm
45Let's Spend a Day at the Beach
47Run Around Run Run
48The Wobbly Dance