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Lovers Rock/Lovers Live : Sade

Lovers Rock/Lovers Live
Artist : Sade
Genre : R&B
Label : Epic
Release Year : 2003


1Watch By Your Side Video By Your Side
3Watch King of Sorrow Video King of Sorrow
4Watch Somebody Already Broke My Heart Video Somebody Already Broke My Heart
5All About Our Love
6Slave Song
7Watch The Sweetest Gift Video The Sweetest Gift
8Every Word
10Lover's Rock
11It's Only Love That Gets You Through
12Cherish the Day [live/multimedia track]
13Your Love Is King [live/multimedia track]
14Somebody Already Broke My Heart [live/multimedia track]
15Cherry Pie [live/multimedia track]
16Pearls [live/multimedia track]
17Every Word [live/multimedia track]
18Smooth Operator [live/multimedia track]
19Redeye [live/multimedia track]
20Jezebel [live/multimedia track]
21Kiss of Life [live/multimedia track]
22Slave Song [live/multimedia track]
23The Sweetest Gift [live/multimedia track]
24The Sweetest Taboo [live/multimedia track]
25Lovers Rock [live/multimedia track]
26Immigrant [live/multimedia track]
27Paradise [live/multimedia track]
28King of Sorrow [live/multimedia track]
29No Ordinary Love [live/multimedia track]
30By Your Side [live/multimedia track]
31Flow [live/multimedia track]
32Is It a Crime [live/multimedia track]
33It's Only Love That Gets You Through [live/multimedia track]
34Exclusive Backstage Footage [multimedia track]
35Message to Sade [multimedia track]
36King of Sorrow [multimedia track]
37Black and White Stills from the Tour [multimedia track]