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The Singles : The Clash

The Singles
Artist : The Clash
Genre : Rock
Label : Sony/BMG
Release Year : 2006


1Watch White Riot Video White Riot
3Listen [Edit]
4Interview with the Clash on the Circle Line, Pt. 1
5Interview with the Clash on the Circle Line, Pt. 2
6Capital Radio One
7Remote Control
8London's Burning [live]
9London's Burning [Dutch 7]
10Watch Complete Control Video Complete Control
11City of the Dead
12Clash City Rockers
13Jail Guitar Doors
14(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
15The Prisoner
16Tommy Gun
171-2 Crush on You
18English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)
19Pressure Drop
20Watch I Fought the Law Video I Fought the Law
21Groovy Times
22Gates of the West
23Capital Radio Two
24Watch London Calling Video London Calling
25Armagideon Time
26Justice Tonight [UK 12 Mix]
27Kick It Over [UK 12 Mix]
28Clampdown [Us Promo 12]
29The Card Cheat [Us Promo 12]
30Lost in the Supermarket [Us Promo 12]
32Rockers Galore...UK Tour
33Rudie Can't Fail [Dutch 7]
34Train in Vain [Spanish 7]
35Watch The Call Up Video The Call Up
36Stop the World
37Hitsville UK
38Radio One
39Police on My Back [Us 7 Mix]
40Somebody Got Murdered [Spanish 7]
41The Magnificent Seven [Edit]
42The Magnificent Dance [Edit]
43Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
44One More Time [Us Promo 12]
45One More Dub [Us Promo 12]
46The Cool Out [US 12 Remix]
47The Magnificent Seven [12 Version]
48The Magnificent Dance [12 Version]
49Watch This Is Radio Clash Video This Is Radio Clash
50Watch Radio Clash Video Radio Clash
51Outside Broadcast [UK 12 Mix]
52Radio 5 [UK 12 Mix]
53Know Your Rights
54First Night Back in London
55Rock the Casbah
56Long Time Jerk
57Mustapha Dance [UK 12 Mix]
58Red Angel Dragnet [Canadian 7]
59Overpowered by Funk [Argentinean 7 Promo]
60Watch Should I Stay or Should I Go Video Should I Stay or Should I Go
61Straight to Hell [Edited Version]
62Inoculated City [Us 7 Mix]
63Cool Confusion [Us 7 Mix]
64This Is England
65Do It Now
66Sex Mad Roar [UK 12 Mix]