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The Singles : The Clash

The Singles
Artist : The Clash
Genre : Rock
Label : Sony/BMG
Release Year : 2006


1Watch White Riot Video White Riot
3Listen [Edit]
4Interview with the Clash on the Circle Line, Pt. 1
5Interview with the Clash on the Circle Line, Pt. 2
6Capital Radio One
7Remote Control
8London's Burning [live]
9London's Burning [Dutch 7]
10Watch Complete Control Video Complete Control
11City of the Dead
12Clash City Rockers
13Jail Guitar Doors
14(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
15The Prisoner
16Tommy Gun
171-2 Crush on You
18English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)
19Pressure Drop
20I Fought the Law
21Groovy Times
22Gates of the West
23Capital Radio Two
24Watch London Calling Video London Calling
25Armagideon Time
26Justice Tonight [UK 12 Mix]
27Kick It Over [UK 12 Mix]
28Clampdown [Us Promo 12]
29The Card Cheat [Us Promo 12]
30Lost in the Supermarket [Us Promo 12]
32Rockers Galore...UK Tour
33Rudie Can't Fail [Dutch 7]
34Train in Vain [Spanish 7]
35Watch The Call Up Video The Call Up
36Stop the World
37Hitsville UK
38Radio One
39Police on My Back [Us 7 Mix]
40Somebody Got Murdered [Spanish 7]
41The Magnificent Seven [Edit]
42The Magnificent Dance [Edit]
43Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
44One More Time [Us Promo 12]
45One More Dub [Us Promo 12]
46The Cool Out [US 12 Remix]
47The Magnificent Seven [12 Version]
48The Magnificent Dance [12 Version]
49Watch This Is Radio Clash Video This Is Radio Clash
50Watch Radio Clash Video Radio Clash
51Outside Broadcast [UK 12 Mix]
52Radio 5 [UK 12 Mix]
53Know Your Rights
54First Night Back in London
55Rock the Casbah
56Long Time Jerk
57Mustapha Dance [UK 12 Mix]
58Red Angel Dragnet [Canadian 7]
59Overpowered by Funk [Argentinean 7 Promo]
60Watch Should I Stay or Should I Go Video Should I Stay or Should I Go
61Straight to Hell [Edited Version]
62Inoculated City [Us 7 Mix]
63Cool Confusion [Us 7 Mix]
64This Is England
65Do It Now
66Sex Mad Roar [UK 12 Mix]